Dale Moss Addresses His Break-up with Clare Crawley: The Split "Didn't Come Out of Nowhere"

Dale Moss Addresses His Break-up with Clare Crawley: The Split "Didn't Come Out of Nowhere"

Dale Moss has come forward and addressed his split from Clare Crawley following several accusations that he was unfaithful during their union.

Amidst the accusation from Clare and others in Bachelor Nation, Dale put up some Instagram stories to tell people that this was actually not a sudden breakup and that it “didn’t come out of nowhere.” He talked about his side of the story with a video message saying that he finally felt comfortable to speak out after having time to “process” things.

“I know y’all have seen me smile on social media and say I don’t seem as hurt or burdened by this. But that’s the farthest thing - like, this time sucked.”

Dale acknowledged his family and friends who had to “carry him through the last two-plus weeks.”

“Like every relationship, we’ve had our ups and downs and have gone through our things, but the statements that have come out didn’t come out of nowhere.”

“I love Clare and respect Clare enough to let her know how I feel, even if that’s against the expectations of everybody else, and it’s gonna take time. I wanted nothing more than to make this relationship work, and I put my heart and soul into it each and every day. And I wanted nothing more than to build a healthy relationship.”

He then ended the talk by saying what people would be seeing of him would be him trying to practice what he “preaches” and to put his “best foot forward each and every day.”

It came to the news last week that Dale and Clare had parted ways after five months together. Dale made an announcement of the split which “blindsided” Clare.

He stated, “I wanted to share with you all that Clare and I have decided to go out separate ways. We appreciate the love and support we’ve received from so many people, but this is the healthiest decision for both of  us at this time.”

Clare then revealed that she was “blindsided” by the public announcement of their breakup. 

“I was made aware of a “mutual” statement at the same time you all were, so I’ve needed some time to really digest this.” - Clare Crawley

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