Ethan Ybarra's Relationship with His Baby Mama From 'Unexpected'

Ethan Ybarra's Relationship with His Baby Mama From 'Unexpected'

Ethan (Aiden) Ybarra, the youngest father-to-be on season four of TLC’s Unexpected, is among the three teenage pregnant couples introduced in the new episodes on December 20, 2020. 

Let’s get to know him better through these facts!

10 Facts About Ethan Ybarra

  • Ethan Ybarra was born in 2006 and turned 16 years of age in 2020. While his birthday is not reported, it is known that he is at least two years younger than his baby mama, Myrka Cantu - Myrka was born on January 4, 2003.
  • Ethan was born to his father, Charlie Marroquin (age 37), and his mother, Michelle Marroquin, (age 38).
  • Both of his parents have been featured on Unexpected - they have been supportive of Ethan and Myrka’s unplanned pregnancy- they even took in Myrka after her mom kicked her out of their Texas home following her pregnancy.
  • His parents’ support showed through when they threw a grand gender reveal party and set up a beautiful nursery for the baby.
  • Ethan’s mom, Michelle, is from San Benito, Texas - she went to San Benito High School and the University of Texas-Pan American. She gave birth to Ethan’s baby sister on March 14, 2019.
  • In 2017, Ethan was an eighth-grader at Harlingen High School in Texas - he even played for the school’s football team.
  • Ethan and Myrka welcomed their baby girl, in 2020. They revealed the news through social media on July 19, 2020.
  • When Ethan was answering some questions from followers on his Q/A on January 25, 2021, his daughter was seven months old.
  • Ethan and Myrka have moved out of Ethan’s parents’ house. When asked how he was supporting the family without his parents, Ethan replied that he worked and got income from the show.
  • Both Ethan and Myrka have marked the date 3/10/19, in their Instagram bios, with an emoji of a ring. However, Ethan has clarified that they are not engaged.
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