Is Euphoria's Star Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller? 

Is Euphoria's Star Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller? 

Anytime the name Angus Cloud pops up, what usually follows is the remainder of his appearance, which strikes a resemblance to late American rapper Malcolm James McCormick famously known as Mac Miller. 

Aside from sharing a resemblance to Mac Miller, Angus is a television actor famous for his role in HBO's teen drama series Euphoria. His role in Euphoria is recognized as Angus’ breakout role and the first acting gig of his career, opening the gates of a higher career and more success to come his way. 

People Confuse Angus With Mac Miller

Angus Cloud has a striking resemblance to Mac Miller. Mac Miller was an American rapper, singer, songwriter who died on 7th September 2018 due to an accidental drug overdose. 

Fans of Angus often comment on how much Angus and Mac share almost the same resemblance, and also comments on looking at Angus makes them sad because they miss Mac Miller. 

Is Euphoria's Cast Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller? 

Moreover, some people also wondered if Angus’ role as Fezco, a drug dealer, was partly because of Mac's resemblance. Although nothing can be said about the theory, it's a fascinating theory. 

Background Unveils Bio & Career

Angus Cloud, born in 1994, celebrates his birthday on 10th July. Moreover, about his parents, they hailed from Ireland, and both of them work in Universities within Oakland.

He studied at the regional high school for an educational degree before getting enrolled at the Oakland School for the Arts. From Oakland School, he majored in technical theater.

Angus, 26, after completing his education, had decided to move back to Ireland with his family; however, before he could leave, he landed on the role of Fezco in Euphoria.

Interestingly, Euphoria is his first acting gig and has not undergone any training on acting. 

Well, let's learn how he got the role!

In the year 2018, Angus was walking down the street in Manhattan for his business when a lady named Jennifer Venditti stopped him and introduced herself as an employee of a casting company. She approached him for a certain role in an upcoming TV Series, but Angus thought she was trying to bluff and scam him.

However, things turned into a positive turn after the representative bought him over and made him agreed to give an audition for it. 

What’s after that, he got the role of Fezco.

Soon after, he went on a shooting and was also set up with an acting class to boost his acting skills. 

His Role In Euphoria

Angus, who is a newcomer, played the role of Fezco in the series Euphoria. The series Euphoria is an interesting anti-binge TV series which follows the troubled life of 17-year-old Rue Bennette (Zendaya) and other high schoolers indulged in partying, drugs, sex, and relationship dramas. The series also features other talented actors like Maude Apatow, Eric Dane, Astor, Algee Smith, and Angus Cloud.

Fezco, portrayed by Angus, is a memorable cast who is dropped out of school selling drugs to his former classmates. Although Fezco was a drug-dealer, he had a golden heart and always cared about his client's well-being. 

In the show, Fezco meets Rue, a drug addict freshly out of rehab, struggling to stay away from drugs. Watch the captivating series to learn how the characters tackle real-life issues like depression. 

The show consisting of a total of eight episodes is aired on HBO. 

Net Worth

Angus, who has just started his acting career at Euphoria, might have received good pay. However, he is yet to earn a handsome amount of wealth in his upcoming acting career. 

For now, his actual net worth is not disclosed. 

What is Angus Dating Status?

Angus is single as there is no sign of him being spotted hands in hands with any lady. However, in the future, his single status could be changed with a change in time. 

Angus standing tall at the height of 5 feet 8 inches is quite a catch, and one of his captivating features is his dreamy blue eyes. One of the other thing which also does not go unnoticed is a scar on the head. Angus does not seem to be bothered with his noticeable scar as it has become his identity. 

Any lady would fall for such attractive features.

Angus Dating Sydney Martin?

Is Euphoria's Star Angus Cloud Related To Mac Miller? 

Sydney Martin is an actress and model who appeared in the film Euphoria in a minor role. Sydney not only modeled for Pretty Little Thing and IconSwim, but she also appeared in Season 2 of Euphoria in a tiny part (which is probably where Angus and Sydney met). 

You'll recall Ashtray talking to a girl by the pool in the first episode before Fez enters and informs him it's time to leave. The girl then responds, "Wait, where are you going?" 

Sydney even posted a video of the incident to her TikTok account.

There's no disputing that the two look pretty cozy in the photo, but is that enough to believe they're dating?

The world needs Angus to formally acknowledge his relationship status at this point, because the rumor mill has gone into overdrive. We'll appreciate his fashion pieces and amusing interviews until then.

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