Get Along with Elan Ruspoli: Husband of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Get Along with Elan Ruspoli: Husband of Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Elan Ruspoli has always been associated with the name, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, more so as the actress’ husband.

Recently, in February 2021, Jacqueline announced the arrival of her new baby, which was the source of people’s sudden interest in her husband. 

So, we have compiled some information on Elan to let people in on the person he is, from his personal background to his professional side. 

Elan Ruspoli's Age 

Elan Ruspoli was reportedly born in 1985. He must be 35 years old according to the date. He was born under the zodiac sign, Leo, as his birthday is on the 17th of August. 

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Jacquline also wished him on his birthday through an Instagram post on August 17, 2018, as she wrote, “Happy Birthday to my man @elanruspoli.. What an incredible ride so far. #wearejustgettingstarted (fire emoji)”

She did the same in 2017 and her caption said, “Happy Birthday @elanruspoli! I am so lucky I can call you mine (heart emoji)”

Background: Family and Nationality

Elan is very low-key and doesn’t bother sharing too much of his personal life and family. But we do know the names of the members of his family: Atlas Hurley, Lisa Zepeda, Charlotte Cheshire, James Mannino, and Rafael Arviv.

Elan was born in Beverly Hills, California, making him an American by nationality. However, his ancestry of the “Ruspoli” family goes back to Italy.

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According to sources, Ruspoli was historically one of the most respected aristocratic families of Rome, who originally came from Florence, Italy.

His Job / Career: Is Elan Ruspoli an Actor?

Elan has contributed as an agent at Creative Agency in Los Angeles. 

While people suspect that Elan’s profession is that of an actor, that is not exactly true. However, there are reports that Elan has involved himself in the movie industry. As per IMDB, Elan has credits in several movies.

Some of the films he was worked in are Them That Follow (2019), In the Shadow of the Moon (2019), The Burnt Orange Heresy (2019), and Possessor (2020), among several others.

Elan Ruspoli and Jacquline MacInnes Wood: Dating to Wedding Details

While the story of how they met is not quite clear, Elan and Jacqueline dated for almost a year before getting engaged in November 2017. Jacqueline announced the good news over on her Instagram as she posted a thread of pictures of how the proposal went down. 

It was in August 2018 that the two officially got married at B&B’s summer hiatus. It was an impromptu wedding that happened during their vacation to Italy with family.

We went to Italy for the summer, and it was perfect timing because our friends and family were also traveling. We ended up meeting them on a yacht, and one of my friends who was there officiates weddings, so we said, ‘Okay, let’s do this.’” - Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

They later filled out the paperwork after coming back to the US.

Elan and Jacqueline are now parents to two children. They welcomed their first son was born in March 2019. The actress shared the news on her Instagram as she wrote, “My World #mytribe #RiseHarlen #firsttimemom #babies #familiy”

Two years in and the couple announced their second pregnancy in October 2020. Jacqueline posted pictures documenting the growth of her baby bump after the announcement.

Soon, their newest edition to the family arrived on February 21, 2021 - another son that the parents named Lenix.

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