Let's Know More About Jas Leverette From 'Canine Intervention'

Let's Know More About Jas Leverette From 'Canine Intervention'

Jas Leverette is a very known dog trainer who has been getting quite some spotlight after appearing on Netflix’s ‘Canine Intervention.’ 

Since the show aired, people have been curious about Jas so here are some facts on him.

Facts About Jas Leverette

  • Jas Leverette was born on October 26, 1983, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. 
  • He was born to his mother, Kat Khadija, and his father whose identity is not reported. His mother, on the other hand, is a licensed aesthetician, who has opened a skin-care clinic in San Leandro. She specializes in treating acne and multi-ethnic skin. 

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  • Jas grew up in Oakland, California. 
  • He attended the Sierra Academy of Aeronautics in Atwater. There, he studied the maintenance of aviation, telecommunication, and real estate. When he was in college, he was involving himself with several other businesses as well.
  • He loved football while growing up and played with Oakland Dynamites. Besides that, he also took up other sports like horse riding and wrestling. That was also when he had been owning and training dogs and horses.

His Career, Canine Intervention

Jas has always had a special place for dogs in his heart. His love for dogs led him to establish a dog training business called California K9 Solutions. 

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His career as a professional canine behaviorist has now brought him to the screen as a Netflix star with the show, 'Canine Intervention.' However, the promotion of the show has brought several allegations against Jas. There are many animal training specialists who claim that Jas is not a certified behaviorist and that he resorts to inhumane training methods.

Both Netflix and Jas have yet to address the accusations.

Throughout his service as a canine behaviorist, Jas has had several celebrity clients including Michael B Jordan, Stephen Curry, Drake, Kevin Hart, and Jason Derulo, among many other notable people.

He maintains a considerable social media presence with over 49.8K followers on Instagram under the username @calik9.

Jas Leverette's Married Life with his Wife

It is not clear when and how Jas met his wife, Nouhaila Leverette. However, the first time he appeared on Nouhaila’s Instagram was in July 2017.

The two got married on July 22, 2017, and went to the Maldives for their honeymoon. Three years into their marriage and the couple welcomed their first child, son Jasir, on February 17, 2020. The kid recently turned 1.

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Jas’ wife, Nouhaila is a Morrocan-American by ethnicity. Very similar to Jas, she was also into sports and played rugby and did horseriding.

In her family, Nouhaila grew up with two siblings, her sister Eline and a brother who has passed away. Nouhaila went to the International College of Cosmetology and graduated from the esthetician program in Oakland in October 2019.

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