Are Jessey Lee & Cherie Chan Still together?

Are Jessey Lee & Cherie Chan Still together?

LA socialite Jessey Lee heirs to big businesses, and now, you can see him as one of the cast members of Netflix’s new reality series ‘Bling Empire’ with her best friend, fiance, and baby mother, Cherie Chan. 

Bling Empire follows the glitzy and charmed lives of the insanely wealthy Asians living in Los Angeles and rules the social scene in Beverly Hills. 

Jessey Lee and his fiance Cherie Chan were hesitant to join reality TV, but Cherie took the opportunity to share her cultural values. Now, they are glad that they became a part of the show. 

Whatsoever, while Jessey and Cherie were skeptical about joining Bling Empire, people created a whole new scene in their heads, thinking if they are still together or not. If you are curious to know where the couple stands today, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Is Jessey Lee?

Jessey Lee is born to Chinese parents in the United States. He celebrates his birthday every 26th of September; however, his birth year remains unknown. 

Jessey owns several businesses all over the state and has also starred in The Planet Platypus podcast, where he talked about tequila. 

He is also involved in the furniture business named Lee’s Furniture. Furthermore, he invests in industries like technology, food and beverages, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail. 

Now, alongside being a cast member of Bling Empire, Jessey is a chairman and founder of Bresatech. 

Jessey and Cherie’s combined bet worth is estimated to be $200 million. 

Their Love Story

Jessey Lee and Cherie have been together for more than six years. However, one thing their relationship is missing is Marriage. 

In traditional Asian culture, kids outside marriage is looked down upon, and most families don’t accept it. 

Since Jessey and Cherie are both Chinese-American, they have two babies outside of marriage. First baby daughter Jadore was born in 2017, and second son Jevon in 2019.

Cherie has always favored marriage; Jessey, on the other hand, is not entirely on board the marriage train.

Whatsoever, Jessey has given Cherie a promise ring assuring her of an engagement. Even after a few months, Jessey did not show any sign of getting engaged; thus, Cherie took the initiative and proposed Jessey to Jevon’s 100-day party. 

Jessey was shocked by Cherie’s proposal but accepted her proposal.

Jessey Lee & Cherie Chan Still Together?

Yes, despite all the differences, Jessey Lee and Cherie Chan are still together and happy. Although the couple is from different diversities, the couple has managed to remain healthy and supportive. 


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Jessey’s fiancee said that whenever she gets emotional or upset, he always helps her process whatever needs to be done and finds a way to balance her. ‘

To add more happiness to their lives, they have two adorable children who mean the most to them. 

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