Cherie Chan Never Had Plans To Appear in Bling Empire With Her Fiance

Cherie Chan Never Had Plans To Appear in Bling Empire With Her Fiance

If you have been following the new Netflix show, Bling Empire, you will surely recognize Cherie Chan. While she never intended to appear in the show with her fiance, things have been happening outside of her plans.

While her relationship has been the talk of the town, there is more to Cherie Chan. Let’s get familiar with the Bling Empire star.

12 Facts About Cherie Chan

  • Cherie Chan blows out her birthday candles every 17th February, as an Aquarius.
  • She was born in Los Angeles, California, embracing a Chinese-American ethnicity.
  • While there is no clear details on her family, we know that Cherie’s mother passed away in 2019.
  • Before making it big in her career, Cherie almost made her way to becoming a pop star in Japan when she was a lot younger. She had even signed deals with Sony Music but had to give up on that path since her mother didn’t want Cherie to pursue music as a career.
  • Cherie then started an organic tequila brand named Religion Tequila - she collaborated with her longtime boyfriend, Jessey, for this business.
  • If you didn’t know, Cherie is also the next-in-line to take over a huge denim company, run by her uncle as of now. 
  • Cherie Chan and her boyfriend, Jessey Lee, have been in a relationship for five years now.
  • While the majority of Asian culture doesn’t deem having kids before marriage as acceptable, Cherie and Jessey are already parents to two children. 
  • The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Jadore, in 2017, and their second kid, Jevon, in 2019 - Cherie believes that her second child is the reincarnation of her mother as she died the same year Jevon was born.
  • Having been in a relationship for a long time and already a parent, Cherie wanted to get married to Jessey when she was pregnant with Jevon. However, Jevon was not ready to get into marriage (commitment was never a problem) so he got Cherie a promise ring instead, assuring her that they would be engaged soon.
  • Jessey finally proposed to Cherie at their second kid’s 100-day party.
  • At first, Cherie and her fiance were not ready to join the cast of Bling Empire - they first wanted to take the permission of her parents.
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