Philonise Floyd -- Brother Of Late George Floyd 

Philonise Floyd -- Brother Of Late George Floyd 

The cousin of Emmett Till and the brother of George Floyd, Philonise Floyd, took the stand in the trial of Derek Chauvin Monday, shedding tears when he described his brother's "one of a kind" relationship with their late mother. In the case against Derek Chauvin, the former officer accused in George Floyd's death, Philonise was the prosecution’s final witness. 

On Tuesday, Derek was charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter. The other three officer-involved were charged with aiding and abetting. 

Now, justice has been served; Philonise and all the people involved in the case, hard work, sweat, and tears paid off. 

Philonise, who never rest easy until his brother was given justice, grabbed the world’s attention once again. Let’s learn more about George Floyd’s brother Philonise. 

Facts On Philonise Floyd

  • Philonise Floyd was born on 20th June 1981 to parents George Perry Floyd and Larcenia Floyd. His mother, Larcenia, who passed away in 2018, worked at a burger stand and led as a leader to voiced the resident's grievance in the housing. 
  • Philonise has four siblings; sadly, his brother George Floyd was killed by the hand of Derek Chauvin. His brother George changed the lives of many. 
  • Back to Philonise, he worked at a club as a driver, but his life changed after his brother’s death. Philonise, living his life behind the wheel, started seeking justice for his brother and started gathering support for his brother and all lives. Leaving everything behind, he started raising his voice and even spoke to UN Human Rights Council. 

“You watched my brother die.  That could have been me,”

“I am my brother’s keeper. You in the United Nations are your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in America, and you have the“The officers showed no mercy, no humanity and tortured my brother to death in the middle of the street in Minneapolis with a crowd of witnesses watching and begging them to stop, showing us black people the same lesson yet again: black lives do not matter in the United States of America.” power to help us get justice for my brother George Floyd.  I am asking you to help him.  I am asking you to help me. I am asking you to help us. Black people in America.” 

  • He also created a GoFundMe page that raised over $6.5 million within four days. The collected fund was used to cover all the funeral expenses, grief counseling and lodging, and travel expenses used during court proceedings. 
  • Moreover, Philonise also founded Philonise & Keeta Floyd Institute for Social Changes. 
  • For now, his net worth remains a mystery. 

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  • Talking about his physical attributes, he stands towering tall at the height of 6 feet 9 inches (2.05 meters). 
  • As per his social media, he used his Instagram platform to raise his voice to fight for justice for George. On his Instagram handle, he has more than 3K followers. 
  • Let’s also learn about Philonise's married life. He is a married man, and his wife is named Charlie Floyd. The couple tied their wedding knot in 2014. He also shares kids with his wife. 
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