Temptation Island: Is Chelsea Orcutt Still Together with Thomas Gipson?

Temptation Island: Is Chelsea Orcutt Still Together with Thomas Gipson?

Let’s talk about Chelsea Orcutt who appears in the third season of Temptation Island, alongside her partner, Thomas Gipson, to test their relationship. The third season was scheduled to air earlier but got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has finally returned on February 16, 2021, on Fox and USA Network.

So, let’s learn more about Chelsea Orcutt.

6 Facts About Chelsea Orcutt

  • Chelsea Orcutt is currently 29 years of age, but there is no information on her birthday.
  • Her parents raised her in New Jersey. She currently resides in West Hollywood, California, most possibly away from her family.
  • For her education, Chelsea joined the Widener University in 2009 and graduated with a BBA in 2013. Then, in 2019, she went on to attend a one-year Drama and Comedy program in Acting at Annie Grindlay Studio.

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  • Chelsea, as a reality star, maintains a considerable presence on social media platforms with more than 37.1K followers on Instagram
  • Evidently a cat-loving person, Chelsea has even created a separate Instagram account for her feline babies, Benjamin and Buddy.

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  • When it comes to her job, her LinkedIn profile introduces Chelsea as a bicoastal commercial, film, and television actor. Identifying as a brand ambassador at SAG-AFTRA, Chelsea contributed as a brand representative at PUSH Agency, for four years until 2016.

Chelsea Orcutt and Thomas Gipson

Chelsea and Thomas had been together for a year before they decided to go on ‘Temptation Island.’ 

Their relationship goes back to the time when a mutual friend introduced them and Thomas made a slide into Chelsea’s DMs. Then, things started to get rocky when Thomas’ natural charm and outgoing personality boosted Chelsea’s jealousy and possessiveness when they had to be in a social encounter. 

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On top of that, Thomas’ history of non-commital relationships added up to Chelsea’s insecurities. So, they decided to join Temptation Island as it follows a social experiment where couples lead a “single life” to test their relationship and decide if they should continue dating.


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Thomas wanted to reassure Chelsea and extinguish her fear with this show, allowing her to accept his outgoing personality “rather than expecting him to dim his light.” 

The couples who participated in the show are to keep their relationship status hidden until the full show has aired. The shooting of the season began in September 2020. And people are assuming that Chelsea and Thomas didn’t make it through with their relationship. 

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According to Distractify, even their friends didn’t know about their participation in the show and were quite shocked, “WHAAAT?! Y’all were on a TV SHOW!?” “I can’t believe it. I can’t wait to watch you guys!” 

I’ll throw a little fact in here. Most of the couples who appear in the show often do not succeed in keeping their relationship intact.

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