Luke Caldwell Has a Special Place in his Heart for Adoption

Luke Caldwell Has a Special Place in his Heart for Adoption

Luke Caldwell appears in the HGTV reality TV show, "Boise Boys," with his best friend, Clint Robertson as they give makeovers to homes in Boise, Idaho. 

The show follows Luke who is in charge of picking out the designs for the house while Clint works with contracting. 

Out of the two best friends, we are going to get to know Luke Caldwell with these facts.

7 Facts About Luke Caldwell

  • Luke Caldwell was born on December 8, 1978, under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.
  • While the details on his family are not reported, it is no secret that Luke admires and respects his father very much. He has said that his father is a strong believer in the powers of prayers and service to others. Not surprisingly, Luke is also pretty religious - Luke and Clint even bonded over their mutual faith and belief.

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  • An interesting thing to note is that Luke never intended to be a designer for his career. He was more into carving a career in music. He was also a part of an Idaho-based band named ‘Esterlyn.’ The band released five albums and Luke was involved in two of them.
  • Luke has a considerable amount of presence on social media with over 165K followers on Instagram and 1.8K followers on Twitter.
  • Luke also appeared on Food Network’s “Restaurant: Impossible” as a designer. At first, Luke was supposed to do only one episode of restoring and redesigning the restaurant, the positive feedbacks led him to do more episodes.
  • Luke has a special place for adoption, in his heart. In fact, adoption was the main thing that drove Luke to become a designer and a real estate investor. Adopting would mean an increase in the members of the family and they would need more space than what he could afford. So, Luke’s first step to designing was when he made his first real estate investment and bought a run-down house.

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  • It was in 2015 that Luke met Clint and the two started their company, “Timber and Love,” renovating houses. And in 2017, the best friends made it to HGTV with "Boise Boys," with perfect teamwork and coordination.

Luke Caldwell Has 8 Kids with his Wife

Luke Caldwell has been married to his wife, Miranda Caldwell, for more than 18 years. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2002, in a ceremony in Idaho.

The two have eight children in total: Morris, Elias, Darla, Promise, Brighten, Ezra, Arrow, and Tucker. Among those eight kids, three are their biological kids while five are adopted. All of their adopted kids have special needs. 

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Luke and Miranda welcomed their youngest child, daughter Arrow Cleone Caldwell, on January 22, 2021. The parents announced the lovely news on Instagram by uploading a picture of the baby with the caption that said, “Today was beautiful. Our new little girl Arrow Cleone Caldwell came into this world. She is just perfect! When you stop and look around at life and everything that is going on in the world it’s truly the simple things that bring our lives the greatest amount of joy and accomplishment... Every person has a purpose and every life matters greatly. Our hope is Arrow will live and love with purpose and intention and may we all seek to do the same.”

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