What Happened Between Read Choi & Gina Daring? Why Read Apologized To Gina?

What Happened Between Read Choi & Gina Daring? Why Read Apologized To Gina?

Read Choi is a famous TikTok star popular for his splendid lip-synchronizing capacities and stunning parody recordings. On his TikTok account has procured more than 2 million followers on his official record. 

In addition, Choi is also a YouTuber and an online media influencer. Despite earning much popularity, recently, hatred and negative comments filled his posts. The reason for hate comments happens to be his former girlfriend Gina Darling, who accused Read of sleeping with over 100 people. 

Read Choi & Gina Darling Drama Explained

Gina Darling recently broke her silence and said Read Choi was not the person he portrayed in front of people. In a series of videos, Gina presented all the information she gathered after their split. 

Choi and Gina, who started dating in December 2020, separated a few months later in March 2021. Soon after their break up, Gina found Choi hanging out with a girl he met on a dating site. What confused Gina about Choi’s dating was he referred to people using a dating site as a ‘weak,’ but he was doing so. 

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After that, Gina made a further investigation and got in touch with one of the girls who had tried to cancel Read.  Gina also found out about Choi’s multiple girlfriends and using girls for ‘clout.’ 

As the drama continued, Gina revealed that she was tested positive for Chlamydia, and Choi slept with her even after being aware that he had an STD. 

Following the accusations made by Gina, Read came forward and apologized to her, saying, 

“I have mistreated these women, and for that, I am deeply sorry. And you are right, I should have said sorry sooner, but I did not, and for that, I am sorry as well.”

“I was simply uneducated. I showed no symptoms, and so, like an idiot, I did not think I had it. But as soon as I heard Gina got Chlamydia, I realized my mistake, and I apologized to her; I got tested, have educated myself, and am currently getting treated.”

“I am seeking professional help, as well as looking for other ways to deal with my problems in a healthy/ productive way.”


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Some Facts On Read Choi

  • Read Choi was born on 2nd February 1996 to Asian parents in Califonia, US. Later, he moved to Georgia from where he completed his elementary and high school.
  • For further studies, he was enrolled at the University of California Berkeley, where he majored in English. 
  • He stands tall at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). Embracing Korean ethnicity, he possesses a wide nose and extra-thick eyebrows. 
  • Choi is an entrepreneur and had over 3 years of career in the stock market. On his YouTube channel, he shared videos on tips and tricks to invest in stocks. 
  • Moreover, as a TikToker, he has also launched his merch, including t-shirts, stickers, and hoodies. 
  • Just at the age of 25, Choi has made his name in the entertainment industry. With the rising career, he must be adding a big chunk to net worth. However, his exact net worth has not been revealed at the moment. 
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