What Is FoolishG’s Real Name?

What Is FoolishG’s Real Name?

Foolish Gamers or FoolishG is best known as an accomplished American Minecraft speedrunner YouTuber. Moreover, he is also a prominent member and a friend of Dream SMP and Dream Team. 

As he is popularly known as FoolishG, many people are trying to find his real name. Well, through this article, let’s unveil his real name alongside his bio, age, height, and many more. 

Facts on Foolish Gamers

  • Foolish Gamers was born on 18th December 1998 in Ohio, United States. His real name is Noah Brown.
  • He has not shared many details about his parents and family, but one thing is known that the name Foolish Gamers came from a business idea his father had for a gaming website called “Foolish Productions.” 
  • FoolishG stands tall at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). 
  • Well, let’s learn how he began his gaming career. On 28th November 2020, Noah got in touch with Dream after Dream unexpectedly joined the Foolish Gamers Discord server. They later formed a bond, and Noah also received custom merch he wore on speedrunning streams for ‘good luck.’ 
  • On 16th January 2021, Noah was invited to the Dream SMP in the middle of a casual speedrun stream. At that time, Noah was loading up a new seed for another run.
  • Foolish Gamers logo was just a totem, but later, after his audience pointed out that his logo looked like a shark, he added bits of a shark.
  • People also show interest in watching his game, as he begins his streams with his iconic “Shift Dance” and his Minecraft character dances to Doctor Mario music. 
  • Talking about his dating life, he is possibly single and not married at the moment. 
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