Facts About Georgiana Bronfman: What You Need to Know about Nigel Havers' Wife

Facts About Georgiana Bronfman: What You Need to Know about Nigel Havers' Wife

Nigel Havers is a well-known actor who has been in a number of films and television shows throughout the years. Many soap opera fans recognize the actor for his portrayal of Lewis Archer, the villain on Coronation Street. He recently started hosting The Bidding Room, a BBC auction program.

But, not many people know about the woman supporting Georgiana Bronfman throughout his years of career. Let's get to know his wife of 14 years, Georgiana Bronfman.

Facts About Georgiana Bronfman 


  • Georgiana Bronfman is an English actress, presenter, and Nigel Shavers' wife. 
  • Georgina was born Rita Webb in Essex in the year 1949 as the daughter of a tavern owner.

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  • After her ex-husband Edgar began fondly calling her George, she changed her name to Georgiana from Rita Webb. 
  • Her ethnicity is Caucasian, and her religion is Christianity.
  • She attended a local high school for her education. The specifics of her higher studies have not been revealed. 
  • She also worked as a nightclub receptionist. 
  • She stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches.


  • Georgiana was 26 years old when she got married to Edgar Bronfman, who was 46 when they married in 1975.
  • During their union, Georgiana and Edgar welcomed two children: elder daughter Sara Bronfman and their second daughter Clare Bronfman.
  • Georgiana demanded a divorce after the birth of her second daughter, and the pair split and remarried before divorcing again. 

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  • Following the divorce, she had a brief romance with Lorenzo Ricciardi, an Italian director who was later arrested for the attempted murder of the actress. 

Georgiana Bronfman's Relationship with Nigel Havers


Georgiana and Nigel got married in New York City on June 8, 2008. It was Nigel's third marriage. 

Guy Sangster, the Old Harrovian son of the late racing figure Robert Sangster, was among the guests when Nigel proposed to Georgiana at a party. 

Georgiana and Nigel grew close when the actress was assisting him in overcoming his sadness over the death of his ex-wife Polly due to cancer. Polly was a common friend of the pair.

Nigel married his first wife Carolyn Cox in 1974, he divorced and married his second wife, Polly Williams, in 1975.