Know more about Kangol Kid's Wife and Children: Family of the Late Rapper

Know more about Kangol Kid's Wife and Children: Family of the Late Rapper

Kangol Kid has passed away at the age of 55.

On Saturday morning, the rapper died at a hospital in Manhasset, N.Y. due to complications from colon cancer, according to his publicist, Lion Lindwedel. 

Kangol Kid was admitted to the hospital in November due to difficulties from his Stage IV colon cancer. T.Shaun Fequiere, Kangol's son, revealed his father's death on Instagram on Saturday.

The hip-hop legend was a crucial contributor to the 1984 hit "Roxanne, Roxanne," one of the most influential and frequently imitated songs of commercial hip-early hop's years.

Kangol Kid, also known as the Kangol Kid, was born in Brooklyn on August 10, 1966, to Shaun Shiller Fequiere and grew up in the East Flatbush neighborhood. His father, Andre, was a taxi driver, and his mother, Jean, worked as a hospital housekeeper.

Before he became famous, the rapper was known for wearing Kangol caps, which earned him his nickname. He was soon sponsored by one of hip-first hop's brand firms.

Kangol Kid's Children, Family

Kangol Kid is said to have four children from two marriages, yet nothing more is known about his personal life. T.Shaun, Andre, and Giovanni are his sons from his first marriage to Christine.

Kangol Kid and his second wife, Tajiri Swindell, have a daughter named Amancia. Amancia was born in 2015, according to an Instagram post, making her Kangol's youngest child.


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T.Shaun Fequiere, the late rapper's son, is a self-described writer, music producer, and DJ. He is also the founder of the TLevision company.

T.Shaun is likely one of the partners in the entertainment company, We Know 570, along with his brothers. According to reports, the organization manages events, produces music, and runs a nightclub.

Andre is the CEO of We Know 570 and a self-proclaimed singer-songwriter. He also serves as the executive producer of the On The Dot Live podcast, which includes all three Fequiere brothers.

T.Shaun and Andre's brother, Giovanni, has a musical group named T.A.G. United, albeit little is known about him. We Know 570 is also likely to include Giovanni.

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