What is Belal Muhammad's Ethnicity and Nationality? Details on his Background and Family

What is Belal Muhammad's Ethnicity and Nationality? Details on his Background and Family

Belal Muhammad is a mixed martial artist from the United States who competes in the UFC's welterweight division.

He's been a pro since 2012, and he's also fought for Bellator and Titan FC. He is currently ranked #10 in the UFC welterweight rankings as of November 23, 2021.

Muhammad, also known as 'Remember The Name,' has appeared in 23 games.

He has won 19 and lost three of them. Belal was also unable to continue a match on March 13, 2021, owing to an inadvertent eye poke. As a result, there was no contest.

Belal Muhammad's Ethnicity

Belal Muhammad is of Arab descent. Belal will be known as the first Arab UFC champion if he wins a UFC global title.

He is a Muslim who practices Islam as his religion.

What is Belal Muhammad’s Nationality? His Support for Palestine

Belal Muhammad is an American citizen who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. His parents, on the other hand, are Palestinians from Al-Bireh.

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Belal has also not shied away from expressing his support for Palestine. During his octagon entrance and after the fight, he displays the Palestinian flag.


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He has condemned Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, expressing solidarity with Palestinians while simultaneously criticizing anti-Semitic protests.

His Family

Moulavi Muhammad Yaqub and Mahmuda Khanom are Belal Muhammad's parents.

Belal's father's business was one of the affected shops during the George Floyd Riots. The store was wrecked by some of the protestors. He even made the public aware of the occurrence via a Twitter post in which he included a photo of his family's shop.

Muhammad also expressed gratitude to his supporters for their unwavering support and provided an update on his parents' health.

Furthermore, Belal is devoted to his family. In an interview, he identified himself as a "family-oriented man." He is one of four siblings.

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He received his education from Bogan High School. He enrolled in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for his undergraduate studies.

Social Media

You can find Belal on Twitter under the username @bullyb170 where he currently has 94.7K followers. He is also active on Instagram under the username @bullyb170

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