'Married to Medicine’s Contessa Metcalfe Opens Up About Her Marital Issues!

'Married to Medicine’s Contessa Metcalfe Opens Up About Her Marital Issues!

Ever since Bravo dropped the Season 8 sneak peek of Married to Medicine, fans have been wondering about Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s married life. Metcalfe and her husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe, confessed on having problems communicating. 

Fans also speculated that Dr. Scott might be cheating on Contessa. On the 13th June episode, Metcalfe mentioned that her husband talked to another woman who is his life coach. She also said during an interview that she went through a lot. 

"I have been through some s--t. But I got three kids [daughters Lauren and Laila and son Landon] and the last thing I want to do is act like giving up on a marriage is a cavalier decision you should make."

So, let’s spill the tea about their married life and problems. Also, let’s learn about Contessa’s age, bio, net worth, and many more. 

Is Contessa Still Married To Scott?

Contessa Metcalfe and her husband, Dr. Scott Metcalfe, are still married despite having some marital issues. The conflict between them started after they started having problems communicating. Dr. Contessa shared, 

"This is not healthy anymore. We get to the point [where] we start tearing you down because you tear me down, too. "In the marriage, it starts feeling like you're trying to break me. You're trying to break me down. And so then we don't actually work as a team; we just try to win."

The couple agreed on making her marriage work. Dr. Scott agreed to work through their relationship issues. He said, 

"I'm going to stop running away from arguments," he said. "I'm going to commit myself to sticking around and try to hash it out."

On the other hand, Contessa said she would stop trying to convince her husband to go to couples therapy and never bring it up again. 

Recently, Dr. Contessa showed how well things have been going between her and Dr. Scott. On 27th May 2021, on their 16th wedding anniversary, she took to her Instagram and wrote, 

No bullshit marriage is tough... we ALL grow and change but the stakes are high to keep working at it. Keep it real, ask for help when necessary, and don’t stop communicating.

#HappyAnniversary to the magnificent man and father who chose to spend his life with me 16 years ago!@drscottmetcalfe knows I would take a bullet for him with no hesitation!
Some days it’s like #WarOfTheRoses and others it’s like a #FairyTale and I’m Tiana from #ThePrincessandtheFrog
I didn’t hear a promise that #Marriage is easy but it’s #WorthIt ... it’s the stuff an #Empire is built from! Ask #LaurenMetcalfe #LandonMetcalfe and #LailaMetcalfe

#20yearschallenge #HappyAnniversary
#TransparencyIsFreedom #Prayer #nofilterneeded #noexcuses
#Family #Metcalfe #MetcalfeFamily #DrContessa #DrScott #MarriedLife #DualMDs #Married2med

Many showed their happiness for the couple commenting on the post with four red heart emojis. 

In addition, Dr. Contessa and Dr. Scott first met at a medical conference in Miami. They share three children -- a son and two daughters. 

The mother of three also confessed that she would have been a mother of five if she had not suffered a miscarriage with her twins. 

Who Is Contessa Metcalfe?

Contessa, born on 4th June 1976, is a preventive medicine physician and has been working to prevent disease and maintain health in individuals and populations for over a decade. She also owns several businesses like Acute Face MD, a medical concierge service, and Chastain Integrative Medical Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Moreover, while she was in St. Louis, she joined the Navy as a flight surgeon and also learned to fly a plane. 

In 2017, Contessa was featured on Married to Medicine, and since then, she has appeared in over 50 episodes. 

As of now, Metcalfe has garnered a net worth of $3.5 million. 

Parents & Education

Contessa’s father is named Gerald Gray Sr.; however, her mother’s name has not been disclosed. She called her father the coolest cat in Kansas City but did not have the best relationship with him. She even once shared that on her wedding, her father didn’t give a single smile. 

Sadly, her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer and reportedly died in jail. The reason for his imprisonment has not been disclosed. 

On the other hand, Contessa’s mother also fell victim to the malignancy. She lost the battle to breast cancer and passed away. 

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Contessa mentioned that she has a family history of cancer, and she herself underwent a double mastectomy during season 6 of Married to Medicine. 

Moving on, for education, Contessa earned her medical degree from Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Thereafter, she continued her residency training in “Family Medicine” at the Morehouse School of Medicine. She also completed her Master’s In Public Health and Preventive Medicine and Occupational Medicine Residency at Meharry Medical College. 

In 2021, she received a GA State Medical Licence and a VA State Medical Licence. In addition, she is completing an Addiction Fellowship at Baptist Memorial Hospital. 


Contessa is the middle child amongst three siblings; an older sister named Mishon Douglas and a younger brother named Gerald Gray II. Her brother is a Drake University alumnus who went on to become a lawyer. Now, he works on his firm G. Gray Law, LLC. Moreover, he has three children with his high school sweetheart Myra Gray. 

Meanwhile, her elder sister Mishon who graduated in 1990 from her high school, works in customer service for Burlington Coat Factory, Kansas City, Missouri. 

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