Meet Sophie Baverstock: Winner of 'Glow Up' Season 3

Meet Sophie Baverstock: Winner of 'Glow Up' Season 3

Sophie Baverstock is the winner of BBC Three’s ‘Glow Up.’ The show is a British reality television competition to find new makeup artists.

After winning the show, Sophie talked a bit about her autism and her experience of winning the title.

Sophie Baverstock Bio

Sophie is 21 years old right now. While there is not much known about her background and family, Sophie posts pictures with her mum sometimes. 


She also has a sister named Caitlin Baverstock. Caitlin is a fashion designer based in London who owns a store to sell her designs and she claims to “breathe a new life of modernity into a vintage aesthetic.”

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Caitlin went to the London College of Fashion for her education.

Sophie, on the other hand, is a student of Arts University Bournemouth, studying Makeup For Media and Performance. Before that, she completed an Arts Foundation Course in Suffolk.

Diagnosed with Autism at Age 17

Sophie was diagnosed with autism when she was 17. She often talked about her experience with autism.

“I always knew something was there. I always felt weird. I just didn’t make much sense.” 

Even as she was struggling with academic subjects, Sophie would always indulge in her love of horror and science-fiction movies, and that was how she started teaching herself makeup.

When she came to the show, she wanted to open up to people outside her family for the first time.

“I thought, ‘This is my chance to introduce myself and say I want to come on this show and show people you can do stuff when you’re autistic.”

“I was really nervous for that first episode to come out. My family knew, obviously, but I’d kept it very secret and quiet.”

During her time in the show, Sophie also discussed how women and girls face some social pressures when it comes to autism.

“We need so much more research into how women develop with (autism) because there are more expectations to be ’normal’ when you’re a woman and to behave in a certain way.”

Sophie has also pointed out that her autism actually helps when it comes to her makeup skills.

“I think it helps me focus on what I’m doing,” she explains. “I have a very clear idea of what I want.”

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She added, “Although my autism doesn’t define me, it definitely affects my personality but in a good way. It’s definitely more of a gift.” 

Sophie Baverstock in Glow Up

During her time in the show, Sophie displayed her exceptional skills to the judges using her prosthetics and special-effects makeup.

“My aim was to create make-up which was editorial but also a proper transformation into a character.”

“I wanted to show you can look pretty - just also a little bit weird.”

The Glow Up judge and professional MUA Val Garland only had good things to say about Sophie’s win.

“All of her ideas, they felt very modern. For me, a great make-up artist today has to be able to jump into a lot of different scenarios and I really felt she fulfilled that. And her creative mind was off the scale. She’s an artist.” - Val Garland

Judge and professional MUA Dominic Skinner also added, “The thing with Sophie that I really loved to watch is her attention to detail. She really does examine every minor part of the look and it’s really thought out. She’s got this mind that really enables her to create and communicate through make-up, which is a rarity.”

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