Megan Finney's boyfriend revealed!! Everything You Need to Know about James Finney's daughter Megan Finney

Megan Finney's boyfriend revealed!! Everything You Need to Know about James Finney's daughter Megan Finney

James Finney has established himself as an indispensable racer on the Discovery Plus TV show Street Outlaws. The show follows Oklahoma City's street racers as they compete in a contest to show off their driving talents and win the crown.

Among the candidates is drag racer Birdman, who is always full of enthusiasm and eager to demonstrate his abilities on set. His admirers are already aware of his work and are anxious to learn more about his personal life. And, most importantly, Megan Finney, his daughter.

Megan Finney: Everything You Need to Know


  • Megan Finney is the daughter of James Finney, called Birdman, a street racer.
  • Megan hasn't revealed much about herself on the internet, but she portrays herself as a nice young woman from Baytown, Texas on social media.


  • Megan has two brothers, James, and Josh Finney.
  • Megan Finney attended Sterling High School alongside her two brothers, James and Josh.


  • There aren't many facts about her age on the internet, but her photos indicate she's in her mid-twenties.
  • We can see from her social media that she enjoys changing her hair color, as she alternates between purple and a standard blonde.


  • Megan has a puppy as a pet, which she adores.
  • Megan is not married, but she appears to be in a relationship, yet her relationship is not mentioned in any of her posts.
  • On Facebook, she has a profile photo of herself and her partner. Though she is currently single, we expect to see photos of her wedding soon.


  • Megan is adamant about not posting pictures of her mother on social media.
  • However Megan's mother is from Crosby, Texas, and she and her children now live in Baytown, Texas.

Megan Finney's boyfriend revealed!!


Megan Finney is dating Daniel Metivier, a Yoakum, Texas native. "In a relationship with Megan Finney," Daniel writes on his Facebook page, @Daniel Metivier.

Megan Finney's Social Media Presence

 Megan Finney appears to be a very private person who spends little time on social media, since she is not on Instagram or Twitter, although she can be found on Facebook under the handle @MeganFinney.