Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Ryan Fischer Had Portions Of Removed After Shooting

Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Ryan Fischer Had Portions Of Removed After Shooting

Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker, makes a speedy recovery after a close call with death. In February 2021, when he was walking out of Gaga’s three French bulldogs on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, he was jumped by two men carrying a semi-automatic handgun. 

The gunman shot Ryan and took two dogs, Gustav and Koji, but the third bulldog named Miss Asia ran away. Luckily, Miss Asia was recovered by police, and the two stolen dogs were returned by a woman who appeared to be unassociated and uninvolved with the robbery into a Los Angeles police station unharmed. 

On the other hand, Ryan, who was shot several times, had part of his lung removed after the surgery. He took his Instagram, where he wrote about his recovery and incident.

"With the chest tube removed (which I can only equate to an alien baby extraction) and my blood oxygen stable, the journey outside to recover with loved ones began."

However, Ryan added, saying he was forced to have more surgery after he experienced strange hissing and glugging on his chest every time he breathed. 

"A doctor visit and x-ray followed, and soon after I was whisked to the same ER where I had been only a week earlier: my lung had collapsed, and the air was filling up my chest cavity," 

"It became quite clear that my lung was not healing, and the bullet wound had scarred my tissue like a burn," 

"It could take months, if ever, for the hole to seal."

Five Suspects Arrested

Months after Lady Gaga's dog walker Ryan Fischer was shot and two of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs were stolen, five suspects have been arrested. They are identified as James Jackson, 18; Lafayette Whaley, 27; Jaylin White, 19; Harold White, 40; and Jennifer McBride, 50. Moreover, James, Lafayette, and Jaylin were charged with one count of attempted murder, conspiracy to commit robbery, and second-degree robbery.

Meanwhile, Harold White, Jaylin's father, and Jennifer were charged with accessory attempted murder. As per E! News, each is being held at $1 million bails. 

Furthermore, Los Angeles Police Department said,

"the dogs were not targeted in connection to Lady Gaga, instead, evidence suggests the suspects knew the great value of the breed of dogs and was the motivation for the robbery."

Who Is Ryan Fischer?

  • Ryan was born on 4th March 1981 in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, he listed Huston, New York, as his hometown. As of now, he resides in Los Angeles. Nothing much is known about his family. 
  • He has a good height with attractive features. On his Instagram account, we can openly notice his fashion. 
  • In around 2010, Ryan began his career as a dog walker and made his earning through it. However, his actual net worth is not known. On the other hand, Lady Gaga has an estimated net worth of $320 million per Celebrity Net Worth. 
  • Talking about his dating life, he is rumored to be an openly gay man after sharing a photo of his celebrating pride on his Instagram. However, he has not addressed the matter; thus, we cannot regard him as gay. 
  • It is also unknown if he is married or dating someone, as he keeps his affair very private. 
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