Why Was PhantomLord Banned From Twitch?

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Why Was PhantomLord Banned From Twitch?

James Varga, popularly known as PhantomLOrd, is a video gamer, Twitch streamer, and League of Legends player. He gets paid for playing video games and had been using the Twitch platform to make his living. 

However, Twitch banned him for more than three years due to his inappropriate behaviors. Twitch claimed that he mislead the viewers over skin gambling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

James sued Twitch over his ban, and the trial began in April 2019 in San Francisco. James and Twitch had been doing the lawsuit lambada for over two years, with James seeking $35 million in damages for Twitch which banned him in 2016. 

PhantomLOrd Vs. Twitch Lawsuit Drama Explained

PhantomLOrd, 32, is finally having his day in court after he sued Twitch for banning him over “unsubstantiated, false accusations,” misrepresenting his character, and financial damage. 


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On the other hand, Twitch explained that they banned him for “inappropriate content, non-gaming content, and violations of the site’s policies. 

Plaintiff’s account was suspended for other, independent reasons besides broadcasting non-gaming content. It is beyond dispute that, irrespective of his non-gaming broadcasting, he committed a long string of serious violations of Twitch’s policies, which had already led to a prior suspension, providing ample reason to terminate.

As the legal fight between James and Twitch remains ongoing, PhantomLOrd scored a win after the judges made a ruling in favor of him. 

According to Dexerto report, 

Phantoml0rd’s original contract with Twitch included a clause that prevents the streamer from asking for any more than $50,000 in damages, should he decide to sue Twitch.

Now, a judge has ruled that the $50,000 cap is “unconscionable”. “Varga’s monthly income averaged over $5,000 per month and appeared to cluster around $10,000 per month… so the $50,000 cap is incommensurate as to be unconscionable,” 

Court has allowed PhantomLOrd to proceed with his lawsuit against Twitch, claiming damages beyond the stated $50,000.


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