Paula Jones and Steven Mark McFadden: Married life, Any Kids?

Paula Jones and Steven Mark McFadden: Married life, Any Kids?

Steven Mark McFadden is best known as the spouse of Paula Jone, who has filed a lawsuit against former President Bill Clinton. While Paula appeared in the media on occasion, Steven remained entirely off the radar.

McFadden, who is 59 years old as of September 2021, has revealed very little information about his birthdate. He is a tall man, standing at 5'8". (1.72 meters). However, the exact measurement is unknown at this time.

Paula Jones and Steven Mark McFadden: Married life, Any Kids?

On October 27, 2001, Steven Mark McFadden and Paula Jones married. They were neighbors, according to reports. At the time of their marriage, Steven was 39 years old and Paula was 35 years old. They exchanged wedding vows at the Villa Marre house in downtown Little Rock.

According to a Deseret News story, they met in 1998 at a housewarming celebration hosted by a neighbor. Both of them were shy at first, but they quickly became friends and began dating. They became closer after that, got engaged, and finally married.

Before Steven, Paula had tied the knots with her ex-husband Steve Jones. They had met in 1989 and wedded in 1991. After almost 8 years together, they divorced in 1999.

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Paula has two children from her previous marriage: Preston Jones and Stephen Jones.

However, it was her sexual experience with former President Bill Clinton that made Paula famous. During their rendezvous at Little Rock's Excelsior Hotel, she claimed that Bill Clinton had made multiple unwelcome sexual approaches and exposed himself to her.

Bill sat down next to Paula approximately six minutes into their meeting, according to Paula. He let his pants fall to his ankles after unbuckling them. He leaned back and fondled his private parts with one or both hands after that.

Bill told her to "kiss it" later.

When Paula voiced her surprise and disgust, Bill reportedly paused and said,

"Well, I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do." Paula stood up and announced, "I'm not that kind of girl." "You're a smart girl, let's keep this between us," Clinton cautioned her as she walked out the door.

Then there were allegedly threats and intimidation, as well as reassignment as retaliation for declining to vote for Bill Clinton.

Family of Steven Mark McFadden

Steven Mark McFadden is a native of Arkansas who has lived in a variety of locations throughout his life. He has resided in Cabot, Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas, and Austin, Arkansas, among other locations.

Steven is a ghost when it comes to public appearances. Despite the fact that he has a wife who periodically made news due to their relationship, which included a high-profile sexual lawsuit, he was only interested in tagging along and gaining public recognition.

As a result, information about Steven's family, along with his identity, remains a secret. However, we found a few persons who were allegedly connected to him, including his parents, siblings, and other family members. Anita L McFadden, Bruce L McFadden, Clay Spencer McFadden, Henry J McFadden, and Jon Christopher McFadden are the names of the individuals.

In any of the social media sites, Steven Mark McFadden seems aloof.

Career & Net Worth

Back when Steven and Paula got married, Steven was working for a construction equipment company. However, his present job status cannot be known as the mostly stays away from the public radar. 

Moreover, he is reported to have a net worth of $200K. 

Meanwhile, talking about his wife Paula Jones, she served the role of state employee making $6.35 an hour back in 1991. 

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Jones filed a lawsuit against Bill Clinton after the alleged sexual misconduct. The case lingered for five long years. During the ongoing case against Bill and Paula, the anti-Clinton conservatives took it as an opportunity to take down Bill. 

The lawsuit was ended with Bill Clinton handing over a sum of $850K for the settlement. However, he never accepted the allegation even after paying the settlement sum. 

On the other hand, Paula was also accused of doing it for money and recognition because Bill Clinton always stood firm claiming he never met her. 

Paula made it clear that it was never about the money or the fame.