Who is Josh Denny? The Comedian Won't Apologize for his Controversial Tweet on Texas Abortion Law

Who is Josh Denny? The Comedian Won't Apologize for his Controversial Tweet on Texas Abortion Law

Josh Denny, who formerly hosted the show, Ginormous Food, made a really deplorable comment while addressing the new Texas abortion law. 

On September 1, 2021, Josh quote-tweeted an announcement of the law and wrote that he disagreed that many women wouldn’t know they were pregnant within six weeks of conception, as he used a slur to describe women.

The Texas abortion law bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Senate Bill 8 allows private citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who helps the person aborting, whether it's Uber drivers or people providing financial assistance. On top of that, the bill states that private citizens who make suits do not need any connection to those they are suing.

On September 3, The Food Network responded to the situation.

“For those asking: Our working relationship with Josh Denny ended years ago and we removed all episodes he hosted at that time,” the Food Network claimed on Twitter. “His views do not reflect our company values and we regret giving him a platform.”

After making several comments on the Texas abortion law, Josh claimed that he’d been joking and would “NEVER apologize” for his comedic approach. 

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Following the response of Food Network, Josh said that they should send him a check for revenue he helped generate if they regret giving him a platform.

“You knew my views and my style of comedy when you hired me,” he wrote on Twitter. “My views represent the beliefs of half of this country.”

Who is Josh Denny?

Josh Denny was born on August 18, 1983, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He spent a lot of time traveling around the US while picking up interest and relationship with food.

His Food Network show, Ginormous Food, first made it to the screen in 2017.

The show went on with its script for three seasons as a globally syndicated show in 14 countries with more than 35 million people as viewers. The premise of the show spotlighted restaurants serving oversized offerings.

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Josh is also a stand-up comedian whose career took a leap in 2008 with Crown Royal’s Midwest Next Big Comic Contest.

Following that, Josh released two hour-long comedy albums, Honest Brutality in 2008 and Social Hand Grenades in 2012.

Currently, Josh is the host of Next Week Tonight on Censored.tv. The show is a satirical sketch comedy that mocks other satirical news shows. Josh also hosts Jenkum Podcast and is a regular guest on several TV and radio shows.

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