Who Is Alana LaFlore? Know Everything About Her

Who Is Alana LaFlore? Know Everything About Her

Alana LaFlore is a former FOX4 News reporter who currently works at the National Association of Insurance as a Senior Communications Specialist.

LaFlore, a former FOX4 News reporter, is a well-known American journalist. Alana is skilled in a variety of areas, including public relations and communications strategy, creative writing, storytelling, reporting, and video production.

Scroll through this article to learn more about Alana’s professional as well as personal life. 

Alana’s Bio 

Alana, a former FOX4 reporter, was born in the Hudson River Valley of New York and spent her youth in Syracuse. Alana's precise birth date is unknown; however, she is thought to be in her late twenties or early thirties.

There isn't much information about Alana's family life either. The frigid weather in Syracuse, it seemed, piqued LaFlore's interest in journalism. She remembered how her father, who was always supportive, would tape her giving live reports on the blizzard in Syracuse.

Who Is Alana LaFlore? Know Everything About Her

LaFlore went to Marist College to pursue her Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.). Communications: Radio/TV/Film, Public Relations/Organizational Communications, and Global Studies were among her majors. She was also involved in other events and societies during her college years, including the National Society for Leadership and Success, MCTV News, and Generator Literary Magazine.

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Alana became a member of the Foundation for International Education in 2009. British Life and Cultures, Understanding Civilizations: Islam and the West, and Shakespeare and Elizabethan Literature were among the courses she took. LaFlore then went on to Syracuse University to pursue her Master of Science in Broadcast and Digital Journalism.

Career & Net Worth

In March 2018, LaFlore began working as a reporter for FOX4's WDAF-TV in Kansas City, Missouri. Alana worked as a reporter for FOX4 in Kansas City, where she was in charge of producing, researching, reporting, and writing articles on a daily basis under tight deadlines for the Nielsen Designated Market Area's #1 rated station (DMA).

As a FOX4 reporter, Alana had a variety of responsibilities, including providing captivating live reports, pitching the best content to accomplish station goals, and coordinating and organizing various projects at the same time.

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Because of her exceptional skills as a reporter, the journalist has had a successful career in her sector. Even though Alana's net worth is still being assessed, we are confident that it is commensurate with her abilities.

Is Alana Married?

When it comes to her personal life, LaFlore is very private. Despite her celebrity status, nothing is known about her personal life. 

We don't know who if she's married at all.

Social Media

Alana LaFlore is absent from an Instagram account; however, she can be tracked on Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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