Who Is Brooke Valentine? What Is Her Net Worth?

Who Is Brooke Valentine? What Is Her Net Worth?

Brooke Valentine is most recognized for her appearance on VH1's Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood as well as her successful singing career. The newest installment of the Love and Hip Hop franchise is Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Brooke's net wealth, singing career, and connection with songwriter Marcus Black have all been explored by Stuffsthatmatter.

What Is Brooke Valentine’s Net Worth?

Brooke Valentine has a net worth of $400K. she is an American singer, actor, and model. Brooke's few hit albums have propelled her to stardom in the music industry.

Her most well-known appearance was on VH1's iconic show "Love & Hip Hop," which was a significant aspect of her career.

Brooke's profits also come from her acting career, where she appeared in films such as The Final Chapter.

Valentine’s Music Career

Many people are unaware that the musician's true name is Kanesha Nichole Brookes, and that Brooke Valentine is her stage name.

She has a number of songs and albums to her credit. Her smash tune Girlfight, which charted in the top thirty in the United States in 2005, launched her career.

Brooke then launched her debut album Chain Letter, which went on to sell over 290,000 copies worldwide. In 2010, the year she gave birth to her son, London, the reality TV star took a sabbatical from music.

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She returned in 2012 with two singles, Forever and Don't Wanna Be In Love.

She was also a member of the cast of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," the most recent iteration of the VH1 reality show. The show covers the lives of a group of ladies who are either attempting to break into the Hip Hop field or have dated someone who is.

Love and Hip Hop: Brooke & Marcus

Brooke has had a lot of turmoil throughout her tenure on Love and Hip Hop. The VH1 actress hasn't held back, and we've seen her relationship with Marcus at its most messed-up.

The couple started dating in 2015 and have been together since then. In April of this year, Brooke and Marcus welcomed their first child together into the world.

Moreover, with a previous relationship, Brooke has a son named London, who was born in 2010.

Who Is Brooke Valentine? What Is Her Net Worth?

On Instagram, the couple frequently shares lovey-dovey images of themselves. Marcus captioned a photo of Valentine in December 2021, saying: “You don’t need a bunch of women. That is stressful. Just get a solid one behind you, take good care of her, and watch ya life change…with love”

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