Who Is Carlos “Loz” Oliveros From VH1’s Cartel Crew?

Who Is Carlos “Loz” Oliveros From VH1’s Cartel Crew?

VH1 reality TV show launches the third season of Cartel Crew. Like the previous season, it focused on the individuals from the family who had connections to drug cartels to navigate all the cartel business effects on their lives. 

The cast members escape from the drug world they grew up in, their families, the reality of their grief, break-ups, loss, relationships have always been followed on camera. 

However, people noticed that Carlos is nowhere to be seen in the Season 3 promo clips and cast list. 

Has Oliveros Left Cartel Crew? We did some research on finding out whether Carlos left the show for good or he is making a return. In this article, you could get to know all about him.

Where Is Carlos “Loz” Oliveros?

Carlos is known as one of the cast members of Cartel Crew. Working at a Til the End Tattoos in Miami, Florida, was known from the show. 

As far back as season two, Carlos has not been spotted, and it is believed that he left the tattoo shop in 2019. For some time, people highly noticed his absence, and after the release of the Season 3 cast list, he was nowhere mentioned on it. It confirms that he will not be starring in the third season; however, he has still stated himself as a cast member of Cartel Crew on his Instagram bio. 

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Carlos might make his comeback; thus, it cannot be ruled out completely. 

As of 2021, he continued to upload his latest tattoo work on his Instagram handle and appears to be based at Southern Pines, North Carolina. 

Who Is Loz?

Carlos “Loz” Oliveros born on 11th Decemer 1987 is a tattoo artist. He was born and raised in Mexico by a boxing and tattooing family. His father is an industrial electrician and former boxer. He had competed in Central American games. 

On the other hand, Carlos surpassed his love for boxing from his father and won 3 State Titles plus Regionals and Nations. In 2012, he secured a spot in the Olympic Trials. 

Moreover, Carlos also learned a lot about tattooing from his father, who built tattoo machines. 

Career & Net Worth 

The world of the Mexican cartel surrounded Carlos’s childhood. He was involved in the cartel business for a long time until he lost one of his family members, which led him to walk away from the business. 

After leaving the cartel business, he began tattooing for his living until he professionally started in 2010 after he joined Exception Ink in Miami. Later, he worked at Tatu Baby’s studio before joining Till the End Tattoos. 

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In 2019, he reportedly left the tattoo company and worked at some other tattoo studio in North Carolina. 

His net worth is reported to be around $400K. 

Dating Life?

Carlos has one daughter from his ex-girlfriend Yolanda. He rarely posts his daughter or ex-girlfriend on his social media handles. 

On 11th May 2020, he thanked his baby mama for sticking with him through thick and thin on the day of mother's day. 

I don’t say this much, as some would say it’s a bit selfish (which is ok) but throughout all the difference me and my daughter’s mom have gone through one thing is certain; she gave me my biggest blessing in my daughter, I know the T.V presented a certain prospective but this is a whole other ball game, happy Mother’s Day to all the real ones wanting to be a mother not by Force or aggrievance but by Love, unconditional Love 🖤🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Enjoy your day Moms 😘

As per recent times, Carlos seems to have found a woman who goes with the username @bluu90 on the Instagram handle. She has been featured on his Instagram account. 

Interesting Facts

Carlos stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters). He went through a massive transformation in 2018 and uploaded two pictures showing the result of his weight loss.
He has a brother; however, his piece of information is kept a mystery.
On Carlos’ Instagram account, he has 40K followers. 

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