Who is Tyra Polke? "Dancing with Myself" Episode 1 Winner Says a Family Vacation is under way

Who is Tyra Polke? "Dancing with Myself" Episode 1 Winner Says a Family Vacation is under way

On Tuesday, NBC premiered Dancing With Myself, a dancing reality show with 12 contestants.

Dancing With Myself is a dancing competition series in which contestants perform routines taught by judges from their individual groups. Each episode has six rounds, with two contestants being eliminated in each round before the winner is chosen by the live audience.

Tyra Polke, 16, took home the title of Ultimate Pod Star and a cash reward of $25,000 in Episode 1 of the show.

Tyra Polke Will Use her prize money for her family 

Tyra Polke won Episode 1 of Dancing With Myself by defeating 11 adults. She explained what she planned to do with the $25,000 prize money before the final round.

Polke said:

“I am still in the process that I am here right now and that this is happening. I have a huge family. If I won $25,000, I will for sure go on a family vacation with them. And then, put it in my college savings.”

Polke revealed that her finale performance would feature the "most amazing tricks that she hasn't shown anyone yet." Her passion, dance talents, and a death drop technique at the finale wowed the judges and audience.

Tyra Polke is a trained dancer and a high school student. She remarked on the NBC broadcast while introducing herself,

“I am a 16-year-old high school student from Las Vegas. One cool fact about me is that I can speak both Japanese and English because my mom is Japanese. I am usually in my bedroom dancing, so it’s so crazy to be that I get to be on a huge stage in front of my idols.”

Polke is affiliated with Movement Lifestyle Dance Studio and The Rock Center for Dance, according to her Instagram.

She's also appeared in a Nickelodeon video, A Home For The Holidays on CBS, the Universal Dance Awards, a Hyundai Canada commercial, and a few music videos.

Polke also has a TikTok account, which she shares with her sisters.

All four sisters, Tyra, Tia, Tunisia, and Trusia, share the same Instagram username called "Polking Around." Their mother is in charge of the account. It's jam-packed with updates on their daily activities, dance videos, and accomplishments.

What Happened in Dancing With Myself Episode 1?

Dancing With Myself Season 1 Episode 1 was a blast to see. In all six rounds, the 12 candidates gave it their all while performing from their separate pods. Tyra Polke and Smac McCreanor were the last two contestants.

The official synopsis of Dancing With Myself reads:

“As each round of the competition progresses, the creators on the judging panel provide instant feedback and choose their favorites to advance, along with audience picks. Ultimately, however, it’s the studio audience that decides who is named the best dancer of the night and gets to take home the cash prize.”

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Nick Jonas, Shakira, and Liza Koshy, as well as host Camille Kostek, were among the contest creators.


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Through video conference, the first episode welcomed a special guest, comedian Nikki Glaser. She choreographed Michael Front and Spearhead's song Out in the Sun for Round 3.

For the next eight weeks, new episodes of Dancing With Myself will run on NBC at 10 p.m. ET every Tuesday.

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