Insight Empire star Bryshere Gray’s wife, Candice Jimdar!

Insight Empire star Bryshere Gray’s wife, Candice Jimdar!

Former Empire star Bryshere Gray’s wife Candice Jimdar made headlines after being charged with domestic assault, aggravated assault, and disorderly conduct against his wife in 2020. He was pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 days in county jail in Arizona and 3-year of probation. 

So, who is his wife, who faced the assault? She is Candice Jimdar, wife of the actor and an alleged assault victim. Let’s learn everything in detail about their relationship, violence, and Candice’s age, bio, and many more. 

Candice Jimdar & Bryshere Gray’s Feud 

Candice Jimdar exchanged her wedding vows in 2019 with Bryshere Gray and lived in Arizona. Nine months after their marriage, the assault took place in Arizona. Around 10:15 pm, a woman who identified herself as a wife of Bryshere called 911 from Circle K gas station and reported that her Bryshere assaulted her for three hours at their home. 

Other than explaining herself as a wife of Bryshere, she did not identify herself. When police arrived, she explained that he choked her to the point of losing consciousness, threatened to be killed with a sharp bread knife, and assaulted her for an hour. She had multiple visible injuries. 

She also explained that Bryshere took her to the Quick Trip convenience store. When Bryshere proceeded to the gas station, Candice fled from the car covered in blood and asked for help with a man driving a tow truck. The man helped her and drove her to the nearby gas station. She has later treated in a nearby hospital. 

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After the incident took place, Bryshere barricaded himself in his Goodyear house and refused to come out. SWAT was called at his residence; however, he managed to escape his house shirtless, jumping the neighbor’s fence. 

On 14th July 2020, Bryshere surrendered himself and was taken into custody. He was charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, and assault. He served 10 days in county jail but remained on probation for three years. During three years, he has to submit to drug and alcohol testing and pay restitution to his wife. 

Moreover, Bryshere is prohibited from possessing any firearm and interacting with anyone with a criminal record; he will need to write permission from a probation officer. 

Previously, Bryshere was arrested for a temporary license plate that did not match the 2014 Rolls Royce he was driving. He was ticketed for driving an uninsured vehicle, held on a misdemeanor registration charge, and charged for failure to carry a driver’s license.

Who is Candice Jimdar?

Candice Jimdar was born in 1994/1993; however, her birthday remains a mystery. In addition, her parents, family background, siblings, and education remain a mystery. 

Other than her marriage with Bryshere, her life is very private, and we cannot locate her social media account. 

Who Is Bryshere Gray?

Bryshere Gray hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, was born on 28th November 1993. He was raised by a single mother, Andria Mayberry. As his fans learned about his single mother, they were surprised to learn that he would do such a crime as assault. 

As per his career, Bryshere built a reputation as a street performer and earned to help his mother pay bills early. Later, he pursued his career in acting and starred in Empire in 2015. He was nominated for BET Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and NAACP Image Awards for his performance. However, in the last season of the show, he was boycotted by the network. 

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He has starred in Lip Sync Battle, Celebrity Name Game, Honey: Rise and Dance, The New Edition Story, and Canal Street. Bryshere has also released songs like Drip Drop, Respect; You’re So Beautiful, No Apologies, Good People, and Chasing the Sky. 

He has made an estimated net worth of $2 million per Celebrity Net Worth during his career.

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