Meet Erika Perry who sang Katy Perry's ET on American Idol

Meet Erika Perry who sang Katy Perry's ET on American Idol

Erika Perry ET is a contestant on the newest season of American Idol who sang Katy Perry’s ET during the audition.

Let’s get to know her more through these facts.

Facts About Erika Perry

  • Born in Orange City, California, Erika Perry is 26 years of age as of now.
  • She is a college student right now and has been singing from a young age. Not surprisingly, she idolizes Katy Perry and apparently had her heart broken just like her. 

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  • She maintains a considerable presence on social media with more than 2K followers on Instagram.

Erika Perry on American Idol

Apparently, Erika had just broken up with her boyfriend, Stefen, before she decided to come to American Idol - he thought that she had no drive and motivation to do anything in life. 

I am here to probe him, all his friends and family, all the haters in school because growing up all the kids just judged me for being eccentric, and weird, and skinny with big eyes.” - Erika Perry

When Erika started singing ET, the judges were very confused as they couldn’t make sense of the words that she was singing. It didn’t take long for Katy to ask Erika to stop while Lionel Richie asked the singer if it was her style.

Katy was quick to say, “She’s probably never been given one constructive criticism in her life,” before giving Erika honest feedback. Katy then asked Erika to lose the guitar and her heels, take a breath and gave the singer 30 seconds to perform again.

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However, Erika was still singing in a way that didn’t let her enunciate the words. Katy once again asked her to avoid all of that and Erika finally let her actual voice come through, leaving Katy impressed.

“You are freaky. I think you are weird. I think you are a little bit annoying,” Katy said in a way that surprised Erika wondering if she was not likable. Katy quickly reassured her and said she was and that she needed to stop putting on a facade because Erika was already good enough without all the gimmicks.

Interestingly enough, Erika got the golden ticket and viewers were surprised and taken aback, to say the least. Several viewers were dissing American Idol for letting Erika get through. 

“Are you kidding me right now? This must be a joke,” a fan wrote on Instagram. “Seriously can’t believe y’all put her through. That fireman ahead of her was awesome and got 3 no’s. This girl should have gotten 6 no’s!!!!! WTH! I’m big fans of the judges, but that was a total waste of a ticket,” another viewer wrote.

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