Meet Simone Ashley: The Latest Cast Member of 'Bridgerton'

Meet Simone Ashley: The Latest Cast Member of 'Bridgerton'

Simone Ashley, the ‘Sex Education’ star is setting off to Regency Era London for her latest role in the headlining Netflix show, ‘Bridgerton.’

Netflix has confirmed that Simone has joined the cast in the second season of the Shondaland series, Bridgerton. She will be starring as Kate Sharma, the romantic interest of Anthony Bridgerton who is played by Jonathan Bailey.

So, who is the lady behind Kate Sharma? Let’s get to know her a bit more with these facts.

9 Facts About Simone Ashley

  • Simone Ashley was born on March 30, 1995, under the zodiac sign of Aries.
  • When it comes to her ethnicity, she is a Tamil, who embraces a South Asian-British heritage - she was born in London, England.

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  • Since her parents are traditional Indian parents, they were always worried about Simone’s choice of future. They wanted her to pursue an academic degree which led to Simone feeling “stifled” and wanting to “escape and do things” to her wishes.
  • It’s interesting to note that Simone’s father was very much into arts and music alongside boasting an impressive academic background. He would often tune in to rock n roll or Bob Marley, and the TV always had movies on - this was where Simone’s love for acting took its root.
  • According to popbuzz, Simone stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.77 meters).
  • Simone is pretty fluent in Tamil.

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  • She maintains a considerable presence on social media with over 276K followers on Instagram.
  • Simone has credits in more than 15 movies and TV shows, including ‘Guilt’ (2016), ‘Wolfblood’ (2016), ‘Broadchurch’ (2017), ‘Doctors’ (2018), ‘A Working Mom’s Nightmare’ (2019), and ‘The Sister’ (2020), among many others.
  • Her acting career has been exploring versatility after several backlashes she faced for being South Asian. She was judged for the color of her skin and even lost many roles to actors who were more “relatable” to the target audience. But, she is not the one to fall back to such disgraces.

If I surrender to all of that, where would I be going? Nowhere! F**k that.” - Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley's Role in Bridgerton

Simone being cast on Bridgerton has attracted several fans of South Asian society to the show. It was even more impressive that the show actually went to the extent of changing Simone’s character’s last name to that of the Hindu religion.

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As per the book, her character, Kate Sharma, was supposed to have the last name “Sheffield.” However, the show acknowledged Simone’s background to suit her character’s last name as well.

Kate is a smart and independent woman who is fairly new to the life surrounding social events. Anthony will be pretty busy to win Kate over in the show.

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