‘Temptation Island’ Season 3: Who Is Corey Sobczyk?

‘Temptation Island’ Season 3: Who Is Corey Sobczyk?

Season 3 of the reality dating experiment Temptation Island returns with couples ready to test their relationships and to meet the thirsty crop of singles ready to pounce. 

Corey Sobczyk, the main subject of our article, has agreed to be on the show with Erin Smith. Temptation island followers are all set to watch the highs and lows of their relationships.

The third season was delayed due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that the season is here, let’s toss back the tequila and break down the episode of Don’t Drop A Dime For A Nickel. 

Who Is Corey Sobczyk?

Corey Sobczyk, aka San Diego Ken, was born on 14th November 1995. His mother, Karen Hurley Sobczyk, and father Robert Sobczyk raised Corey and his siblings Devin Lee, Haley Sobcyzk, and Taylor Yslas in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Corey attended Coronado High School and later graduated from the University of Arizona in Business Administration and Management.

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Talking about his professional life, he is a sales associate at The Buildsters Corp. in San Diego, California. He joined the company in January 2021 as a full-time employee. 

Prior to working with The Buildsters Corp., he served at the Hard Rock Hotel in several positions like VIP marketing host, resort pool manager, and VIP manager. 

However, other than his professional life, his net worth has not been made public. 

Corey With Erin Smith In Temptation Island

Corey and Erin Smith had been together for a year and a half. The couple had put their relationship to the test on Temptation Island. Seeing their relationship grow stronger has now started to form cracks. 

Corey’s girlfriend Erin has a habit of comparing every guy she dates to her ex-boyfriend, due to which Corey felt belittled and lost his swagger and confidence. 

On the other hand, Erin felt something is missing in their relationship. In the hope of finding the missing piece, the couple decided to join Temptation Island. Corey also hopes to prove to Erin that he is the man and better than her ex-boyfriends. 

Are They Still Together?

On this front, Corey does not seem to be giving much away about his relationship. The couple is also obligated to keep their status matter of suspense on their Instagram account.

Interestingly, there are always few hints which slide through often from friends and family. On Corey’s Instagram, one of the followers, who happens to be his cousin, hinted that Corey and Erin’s problem could be fictional. 


A post shared by Erin Smith (@esm0oth)

However, Erin’s post stated, ‘who is ready to cry made us wondering. With Corey and Erin, the show also features other couples like Kristen and Julian, Chelsea and Thomas, and Erica and Kendal. 

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Stay tuned to the show to find more about Corey and Erin, and get ready for more drama, love, and growth of these castmates. 

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