Who is Ryder Ripps? Fiance of Azealia Banks

Who is Ryder Ripps? Fiance of Azealia Banks

American rapper, singer/songwriter, and actress, Azealia Banks, is engaged now!

“I’m Jewish now,” she claimed as she flaunted her engagement ring featuring a menorah, a religious Jewish symbol, on Instagram on February 22, 2021.

And guess who put the ring on her? He is none other than the American conceptual artist, Ryder Ripps, who describes his work as the “art that uses online avenues to expose how social media can amplify narcissism and fear.”

So, who is Ryder Ripps? Let’s get to know him and his relationship with Azealia a bit more.

An Introduction to Ryder Ripps

  • Ryder Ripps was born on July 7, 1986, under the zodiac sign of Cancer. His parents, Rodney Ripps and Helene Verin raised him as an only child. Ryder’s mum and dad got married in 1979.
  • His mum is a designer, professor, author, and collector, who has also worked as a former assistant director of special projects at KTCA-TV in Minneapolis. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin. 

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  • Ryder’s dad, Rodney, is an artist who attended Hunter College. His LinkedIn profile reveals that he is currently a salesperson at Halstead Property.
  • For his education, Ryder went to The New School and graduated with a BA in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia in 2008.
  • Ryder has maintained his presence on social media with over 46.2K followers on Instagram.
  • According to news.artnet.com, Ryder is an internet artist who is responsible for the design work of brands like Soylent. He also has credits for designing the new logo for the CIA.
  • His LinkedIn profile introduces him as a creative director at OKFocus. He has been contributing to the company since September 2011, notably serving well-known clients like Nike and Bruno Mars.
  • He also appeared in Forbes “30 Under 30- Art & Style” in 2016.
  • The conceptual artist has also founded the online art community, dump.fm.

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  • Did you know? Ryder was famously spotted in an iMessage exchange with Kanye West back in September 2018. Kanye revealed the exchange with Ryder’s permission, where the two discussed the dictionary definition of the word “excited” and the meaning of positivity. 

Ryder Ripps' Relationship with Azealia Banks

While there are no details uncovered on when their relationship started, Azealia dropped hints on her secret romance in early February this year. They made rare appearances on each other’s social media during the month.

Soon enough, there was a post where Ryder shared a solo picture of Azealia and wrote, “life is love and food,” and another one where Azealia shared a photo of bare-chested Ryder giving her a peck.

Then came her announcement that she had gotten engaged to Ryan the same month as she posted a picture of her ring and wrote, “I just got engaged...I’m crying...I’m Jewish now.”

Ryder also took to his Instagram to post a picture of Azealia flaunting her engagement ring.

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