Temptation Island: Kendal Kirkland Dropped Hint on Breakup with Erica Washington

Temptation Island: Kendal Kirkland Dropped Hint on Breakup with Erica Washington

The latest season of 'Temptation Island' features Kendal Kirkland and his girlfriend of over two years, Erica Washington. 

The show follows four couples who will be living a “single life” as their love is tested by other 12 guys and 11 girls. While Kendal wanted to join the season to explore the possibilities, Erica, on the other hand, wanted to prove their love from the show and get engaged.

Anyway, since the show has introduced the two, people are curious about the couple. But today, we delve into the facts of Kendal Kirkland.

9 Facts About Kendal Kirkland

  • Kendal Kirkland was born on September 15, 1994, under the zodiac sign of Virgo.
  • He grew up in San Diego, California, with his siblings, Monica and Monroe Kirkland.

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  • The details of his siblings reveal that Monica is a life coach and podcaster, who previously contributed as the CEO of MK enterprise and also as a pastor at Ops/Care Group. She was also the co-host of “Every day Daniel Podcast/Digital Course.” His brother, Monroe, is married to Tract A. Wade - he has a son named Trenton Young and a stepson named Thaddeus Young.
  • For his education, Kendal went to Lincoln High School. He then attended San Diego State University and graduated with a major in Public Administration in 2015.
  • Kendal used to play for the school basketball team during high school and had the Forward position in his number 15 jersey.
  • The reality star has a considerable influence on social media with over 21.1K followers on Instagram under the username @kenkirk.
  • Kendal is a fitness influencer and a business owner. He founded Lifestyle Credit Repair in November 2018. As a fitness influencer, he contributed to Fit Seven Training for more than four years. 

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  • Kendal is also an author who has released a nutrition book called “The Kirkland Approach.” The book aims to help people who are “overweight or dealing with a health condition that can easily be reversed through a change in diet.”
  • In addition to his entrepreneur and fitness influencer side, Kendal has also presented to the entertainment industry. He has several credits in movies and TV shows, like Gilf (2013), Expectations (2014), Blacklisted (2014), Typecasted (2015), Callejero (2015), and most recently, Temptation Island (2021).

Kendal Kirkland and Erica Washington on Temptation Island

Kendal and Erica Washington had been dating for more than two years before appearing on the show. A few episodes in and viewers can obviously see Erica being confident about her commitment to Kendal while the latter showed doubts. 

This has led to Erica feeling underappreciated, but she has still held on to the hope that things will get better. She wants to get engaged to Kendal by getting through this show. 

Kendal, on the other hand, believes that the show is the perfect opportunity to test their relationship and figure if Erica is really the one for him.

Are They Still Together?

So, are Kendal and Erica still together after the shooting of the show? 

It is yet to be revealed as the couples are obligated to keep their relationship status a secret until the end of the show. But, there are certain hints that have led the viewers to think that perhaps they are no longer together. 

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One of those moments was when Kendal posted a picture on Instagram with the location stating “At Peace” and the caption said, “Sometimes you have to let the rain come to see if the foundation is weak.”

Soon after that post, Erica went to her Instagram sharing pictures of herself and her caption said,

Revoking people’s access to me is my favorite flex.”

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