Love on the Spectrum: Who are Jimmy and Sharnae?

Love on the Spectrum: Who are Jimmy and Sharnae?

Love on the Spectrum, Netflix's inspirational reality dating series has returned for season 2, and viewers want to know what Jimmy and Sharnae have been up to since the show ended. 

Not surprisingly, the beloved couple has remained strong since their first appearance on Love on the Spectrum season 1 in 2019. Here's what Jimmy and Sharnae have been up to since season 2 of Love on the Spectrum, from updates on their marriage to their thoughts on returning for season 3. 

Love on the Spectrum is a documentary that follows a group of autistic hopeful romantics as they explore the thrilling world of dating and relationships. 

Jimmy and Sharnae were one of the most popular couples on the show because fans could see how close they were.

Who are Jimmy and Sharnae?

Jimmy Berresford works as a cleaner for NSW Schools Contract, although he has been aiming to be an occupational therapist. In an interview, he said,

"I like my job because I'm a part of something. That means something."

Sharnae works at Woolworths as a check-out staff and also as a support worker for disabled people. Last year, she was named "Operator of the Year." The duo even collaborates on Cameo videos.

Their Relationship 

Jimmy and Sharnae met soon after high school graduation and quickly clicked. The pair met at a post-school program designed to assist adults with disabilities. Sharnae saw Jimmy at a table and immediately told her best friend, "That man is mine" as she revealed in her Body and Soul interview. 

Sharnae continued, “We both loved musicals (especially The Greatest Showman) and we loved to sing. Now we sing together."

Sharnae claimed that on her first date, she and Jimmy went to see Fantastic Beasts and did not leave each other's hand throughout the movie. She said,

"We both had pins and needles in our arms, but we didn’t let go because we both thought that holding hands was what we were supposed to do on a date."

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In January 2021, the pair married in front of the cast of Love on the Spectrum. She admitted to being overwhelmed on her wedding day: "Holy Moly, all my dreams are coming true. I have found my true love."

She claimed that she and her mother went wedding dress shopping together. She bemoaned the fact that she couldn't wear a Cinderella dress because it was itchy.

People with autism struggle with a lot of sensory issues, Sharnae revealed, so she wanted to find a dress that was both attractive and comfortable.

Sharnae and Jimmy had a cute sunflower-themed ceremony for their wedding as yellow is Sharnae’s favorite color. 

To improve their communication, the couple is attending occupational and speech therapy together.

Netflix will premiere the four-part series Love on the Spectrum on May 18 at 3:00 a.m. ET and 12:00 a.m. PT.

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