Insight Bling Empire's season 2 duo Don and Mimi Morris | Family Net Worth Revealed

Insight Bling Empire's season 2 duo Don and Mimi Morris | Family Net Worth Revealed

If you've been watching Bling Empire season two, you've probably met newcomers Mimi Morris and her husband, as well as Dorothy Wang, a fellow rookie.

We've been curious about the latest cast members joining Anna Shay, DJ Kim Lee, Kevin Kreider, Kelly Mi, and the rest of the gang while examining when Bling Empire was filmed (there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the timings).

The show, as we all know, depicts the lavish lifestyles of LA's wealthy Asian-American community, all of whom have been amusing us with their drama since the first season premiered in January 2021.

This was before we met Mimi and Don Morris, one of Los Angeles' wealthiest couples; how did they get there?

Mimi & Don Together For 20 Years

Mimi currently lives with her spouse and three children. It comes after they've been dating for 20 years and have been married for a decade. Skyler, their eight-year-old son, is featured in season 2 of Bling Empire.

Insight Bling Empire's season 2 duo Don and Mimi Morris | Family Net Worth Revealed

Tallking about their children, Huy Tran, their eldest child, was born on November 21, and according to an Instagram post made by Mimi on his birthday, Huy was celebrating his 25th birthday in 2020. As a result, in 2021, he will be 26 years old. 

Insight Bling Empire's season 2 duo Don and Mimi Morris | Family Net Worth Revealed
Mimi with her eldest child Huy Tran. Mimi/Instagram

Hannah Oquist, Mimi and Donald's lone daughter and second child, was born on September 28, 2020, according to an Instagram post by one of her friends, Queenie Duong. Hannah's exact birthday, on the other hand, remains uncertain. Oquist is a married woman with a daughter named Scarlett Rose Oquist in another scenario. Despite the absence of information regarding her husband, she appears to be living in Lake Arrowhead, California with her family.

Mimi's youngest kid, Skyler Morris, was born on September 17, 2013. He's eight years old, then. Many people were perplexed as to why Skyler and his siblings had such a large age gap, which Morris later stated was because she felt her house had become barren and she had nothing to do outside after her two children departed for college.

Mimi became bored and asked her husband Donald if he wanted or intended to have another kid as a result of her boredom. Meanwhile, the actress rapidly won her husband's affection, and they welcomed a beautiful son, Skyler, into the world, who once aided his parents in the Bling Empire.

Insight Bling Empire's season 2 duo Don and Mimi Morris | Family Net Worth Revealed
Skyler with her niece Scarlett Rose Oquist. Skyler/Instagram

How Old Is Mimi Morris?

Mimi may appear young, but she is actually 53 years old. The mother, philanthropist, and businesswoman went from living in a hole as a child in war-torn Vietnam to a prosperous existence in the United States. 

Mimi claimed on the show that when she was seven years old, she attempted to flee her town with her siblings but was unsuccessful. This meant she had no choice but to spend two years living in a big hole in the ground with minimal food and water.

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The Bling Empire star was eventually able to go from Vietnam to the United States. That's when she began modeling for other brands and created her own business. She now resides in a stunning $8.8 million mansion in California.

Mimi is one of eight siblings born to her Vietnamese parents and comes from a huge family.

Don Morris Short Bio

Don was born on July 24th, 1949, and is currently 73 years old. His depth of knowledge and will to achieve has enabled him to own 28 divisions of his company, despite being born in Los Angeles!

He has spent more than 50 years at The Morris Group, which was founded by his father Earl L. Morris in 1945. During WWII, the company provided Southern California shipyards with pipe valves, fittings, and other related materials.

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Don began his sales career with Elmco, Morris Group International's foundation firm, in 1969. Later, he moved to Acorn Engineering Company, where he joined the manufacturing side of the business.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he joined Acorn Engineering Company as president in 1985 and has served as CEO since 2003. Morris Group International was eventually established by Don as the parent firm.

Mimi & Don Net Worth

Don's current net worth is estimated to be approximately $800 million after accounting for his different sources of income and assets. The exact sum of Mimi's net worth, on the other hand, remains a secret.

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