Model Zac Stenmark, Indulged In PDA With American Actress Tessa Thompson!

Model Zac Stenmark, Indulged In PDA With American Actress Tessa Thompson!

The American actress has plenty of love to go around! Tessa Thompson was recently spotted kissing Australian model Zac Stenmark. On the same day, on 23rd May 2021, in the morning, she was caught getting cozy with singer Rita Ora and director Taika Waititi. 

Tessa puts the “love” in Thor: Love and Thunder in a wild turn of events and taking a flirty stroll in Sydney with Zac. 

The couple was seen smooching passionately, and at one point, Zac was caught lifting sunglasses off Tessa’s face to get a closer look at her eyes. 

Model Zac Stenmark, Indulged In PDA With American Actress Tessa Thompson!

Model Zac Stenmark, Indulged In PDA With American Actress Tessa Thompson!

Zac was seen on dark jeans and a black bomber jacket over a gray sweatshirt with colorful Bally sneakers. Meanwhile, the actress wore a black; leather jacket, flouncy pants with a massive opening down the sides with a cow-print shoulder bag, and square-toed heels. 

Tessa, who was in town to film the Marvel movie “Thor” Love and Thunder” seems to find a love for herself. 

Zac is a twin brother of model Jordan Stenmark and is currently breaking the internet with his PDA with Tessa. 

Is Zac & Tessa Dating?

Zac Stenmark and Tessa Thompson were caught packing on the PDA and strolling together with their hands entangled in Sydney, Australia. 

However, neither of them has confirmed if they are an item or not. Although it was not like Zac had not discussed his ideal type, Back in 2016, he openly stated that the first thing he looks for in women is her personality and is interested in kind and caring women. 

Zac previously confirmed that he was single; however, after his PDA moment with Tessa, there might be some romance blooming between them. 

Who Is Zac Stenmark?

Zac Ste, the mark was born on 16th March 1992 in Sydney, Australia, to Damien Stenmark and Susie Stenmark. His father was the founder of The Stenmark Organization and served as the board member of Basketball Australia & the Australian Rugby Legends. Meanwhile, his mother is a former model. 

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Zac has a twin brother Jordan Stenmark who was born 8 minutes after Zac. Moreover, he has a brother named Louis Stenmark and sister Zoe Stenmark, the eldest. 

Zoe, a Sydney University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science, worked as the digital director for the revolutionary online donation hub Donate Planet and worked with private clients on fashion and interior sterling projects.

Zoe is now married to Lewis Roberts, a Sydney Swans player, and a fashion writer. 

University Of Sydney Graduate

Zac attended high school in his hometown, and in his high school, he gained fame as an athlete. Later, he enrolled at the University of Sydney, where he studied Economics and pursued the Australian Football League (AFL) Sports Scholarship. 

Career & Net Worth

While Zac and his twin Jordan were in his University, one of his friends suggested pursuing a career in modeling. Taking their friend’s advice, they began their career with the prestigious L’Officiel Hommes Paris. 

Zac and his brother were flown to meet Tom Ford in London and made a runway debut for Calvin Klein Spring 2013 in Milan Fashion Week. Soon after, their career went skyrocketed. Zac was featured on a campaign of Abercombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren. Meanwhile, his brother was featured in Vanity Fair, Apollo Magazine, GQ, Vogue Hommes Japan, and Hercules. 

In 2016, Zac and Jordon were featured on Vogue Australia with their younger brother Louis. 

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In addition to their modeling career, the twin has worked with a renowned scientist Dr. Stafford W. Sheehan, to invent neuroscience-based eyewear. 

Later, Zac focused more on marketing and creative work whereas, Jordan focused on logistics and finance. The twins later launched Stenmark Fit, nutrition and fitness program. 

In September 2018, Zac’s parents made headlines after selling their Mosman property for $11 million. Soon their parents bought $7.5 million worth of property. However, Zac’s net worth has not been revealed. 

Zac’s Physical Attributes

The Australian hunk has an impressive height of 6 feet 3 inches (1.90 meters). As a model, Zac holds an outstanding physical attribute of a toned body with a pretty face. 

On Zac and Jordan’s combined Instagram account, you can see their eye-catching snaps with the half-naked body.

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