Meet Sarah Kameela Impey: The Frontwoman in 'We Are Lady Parts'

Learn more about the woman who plays Saira in 'We Are Lady Parts.'

Meet Sarah Kameela Impey: The Frontwoman in 'We Are Lady Parts'

Channel 4’s newest sitcom, 'We Are Lady Parts,' has been making quite the impression among its audience. The six-part musical comedy follows the story of an all-female Muslim punk band, ‘Lady Part,’ aiming to break through with their music.

Among the characters, Sarah Kameela Impey plays the band’s frontwoman. So, let’s get to know Sarah through this article.

Who is Sarah Kameela Impey? 

Sarah Kameela trained at Arts Educational School in London for three years to pursue a career in acting. She also trained at Tamasha Theatre Company in the actors/directors workshop in 2011. 

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That same year, Sarah took a two-week aerial training at Circus Space, Upswing, and Tamasha. She also filmed shorts for Contiki travel in Spain and Vienna. 

Sarah also did theatre, starting by playing Salim/Mahmoud in The Frontline, in 2010. More of her theatre credits include Marty/Branom in ‘A Clockwork Orange with Fourth Monkey, Gretel in ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and Shahrazad ‘Arabian Nights’ both with Fair game Theatre, and Nell in the national tour of ‘The Curiosity Shop’ with Theatre Alibi, among many others.


Sarah first appeared on screen with her role of Kameela in ‘The Second Chance’ in 2013. A year later, she made another short movie appearance with ‘Samuell Benta’s Perceptions’ in 2014, playing as Salma.

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In 2016, the actor appeared in ‘Halcyon Heights’ as a shop-girl. Then, she played as a spirit in ‘Royal Shakespeare Company: The Tempest’ in 2017, and as a patient in ‘Lockclown’ in 2021.

Sarah Kameela Impey in ‘We Are Lady Parts’

In ‘We Are Lady Parts,’ Sarah plays as Saira, acting as a frontwoman of the band, Lady Parts, alongside Faith Omole (plays bassist Bisma), Juliette Motamed (plays taxi-driving drummer Ayesha), Lucie Shorthouse (plays wheeler-dealer manager Momtaz), and Anjana Vasan (plays the shy guitarist). 

In the series, Sarah’s character, Saira decides their band needs a lead guitarist and the bandmates head out on a mission to find the person fit for the role. 

When talking to Bustle, Sarah revealed how she had to adapt her singing voice to Lady Parts’ style of music.

“To learn to sing punk was like trying to shed all that stuff and it was so raw. I’d asked the universe if I could have a role where I get to play an instrument. So, when this guitar came into my hand, it was great.” - Sarah Kameela Impey to Bustle

Sarah was so set to perfect her role as Saira that she decided to dive into punk to relate to her character, alongside other cast members.

Her interview with NME revealed that Sarah studied strong female lead singers and band players, and even watched music videos of rockband ‘Skinny Girl Diet’ to grasp some of their naturally chaotic air. 

“I had to channel some real rage, so I would sit in my trailer and listen to these playlists.” - Sarah Kameela Impey to NME

‘We Are Lady Parts’ has already done exceptionally well, receiving detailed reviews from critics and fans.

The creator of the sitcom, Nida Manzoor, made this show because she was frustrated with the lack of diversity on UK television and to channel her love of music.

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During the interview with NME, Nida revealed that the songs performed in the show, like ‘Basheer With The Good Beard,’ were written by Nida and her siblings in a few weeks.

“My sister or I would have an idea or funny lyric and we would start spitballing. I play the guitar, my sister plays bass, and my brother plays everything, and we’d just lay down these rough demos.” - Nida Manzoor to NME


  • Sarah was a dancer during the closing ceremony of the Olympics in London in 2012. 
  • According to, Sarah is one-sixth of a band named ‘A Blossom Fell’ which is managed by a label called ‘Foof records.’ In the band, she plays Djembe and Glockenspiel and is one of three female singers.
  • You can find Sarah on Twitter under the username @sarahkimpey 
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