Witness Details the Aftermath Of Ryan Fischer's Shooting: He is Expected to Make Full Recovery

Witness Details the Aftermath Of Ryan Fischer's Shooting: He is Expected to Make Full Recovery

A witness to Ryan Fischer being shot while walking Lady Gaga’s dogs, has revealed the details of the ordeal's aftermath to PEOPLE.

Carlos Pantoja was at his home when he heard screaming outside on Wednesday night. One of the first witnesses, Carlos looked outside his window and saw Ryan.

I was on the left side, I was on the bottom of his waist and I was rubbing his leg and making sure there was some contact with him.”

Carlos continues, “We wanted to make sure he was still alive and still able to speak by the time the ambulance arrived.”

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He was trying to keep Ryan from getting unconscious while trying to find a way to contact the family.

I didn’t think twice, I was just trying to make sure he’s okay. At that time we see him fading out and I’m like, ‘Hey, wake up.’ I’m here touching his leg and trying to find a wallet or something to contact the family. We were making sure Ryan was okay.”

Despite being gravely injured, Ryan was urging the police to find Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav. 

The reason why the news spread out quickly is because we told the police Ryan is saying that these are Lady Gaga’s dogs. He literally was bleeding out, holding the dog (Miss Asia). He saying, ‘Please, please help these are Gaga’s dogs. Please help them, please save them.’”

Carlos then tells how the dog was on Ryan the whole time, “A dog can sense when you’re in pain or something is wrong. The dog was on him just to protect him and take care of him. We wanted to make sure Ryan was okay. And that’s when the cops came and okay, take the dog. We got to focus on Ryan.”

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Carlos released his surveillance footage of the shooting to authorities because Ryan “wanted the video out” as he wanted the singer’s dogs to be returned. Carlos added, “I just was being a good citizen and just helping a stranger.”

“For both of us, this story isn’t resolved until Ryan has made a full recovery and the assailants captured,” states Charley Cullen Walters, who lives with Carlos.

The whole incident took place at around 9:40 pm on Wednesday on Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood. Ryan was walking Lady Gaga’s three dogs when a white sedan pulled up and two people got out of the vehicle to jump him.

They tried to steal the dogs and while Ryan was fighting them, one of the thieves pulled out a semiautomatic and shot him. The perpetrators took two dogs and fled the scene in their vehicle as Ryan was on the ground.

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On Friday, Los Angeles Police Capt. Jonathan Tippet revealed that Ryan was shot one time in the chest and was in stable condition in the hospital. It was the same day Gaga's two dogs were returned safely to the police.

Ryan is doing well and “breathing on his own now” according to his friend and former client, Dr. Fred Pescatore, whom he texted from the hospital.

When asked if Ryan would make a full recovery, Jonathan Tippet responded, “I believe he will.”

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