Who is Billy Collins? Everything about Jodie Marsh's Ex Boyfriend as she claims he's been cheating on her

Who is Billy Collins? Everything about Jodie Marsh's Ex Boyfriend as she claims he's been cheating on her

Jodie Marsh has ended her three-year relationship with Billy Collins Nuttall, claiming he cheated on her throughout their time together.

On Sunday, the 43-year-old former beauty model announced her revelation on Instagram in a lengthy statement, claiming she discovered revealing images from other women on Billy's phone.

She wrote: "Billy and I have split up. Turns out he's been cheating on me for the whole three years. Sexting other girls and begging for naked photos - which he's got by the bucketload.

"This has been going on literally the whole three years we've been together. He admitted to everything when I confronted him and I have screen shot ALL the evidence to prove it as I'm not going to have anything think anything other than the truth.


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"I gave him the world and it still wasn't enough."

Marsh then added: "Please allow me some space - I'm not even done grieving for my mum yet. This is really hard to comprehend as I truly thought I'd found my soulmate."

Marsh's mother, Kristina, passed away in September 2020 after a long struggle with cancer.

Everything to know about Billy Collins

Billy Collins is a self-taught British singer/songwriter who grew up listening to Elvis Presley, Paul Weller, George Ezra, Johnny Cash, Green Day, and Jake Bugg, among other artists, according to his Spotify biography.

Billy writes his own music, performs it live across the country, and has been featured on radio and podcasts for years now. He has performed at famous venues like Ronnie Scott's, Leigh Folk Festival, The Blues Kitchen, and B.B. Kings in Memphis.

He is a solo artist that employs a high rhythm pattern as well as some lead in his playing.

Billy and Jodie began dating in May of 2019. She had earlier stated that she intended to freeze her eggs in order to establish a family with him.

She wrote on her blog: "I'm going to freeze my eggs. Billy and I have been talking about it and we have decided that I've got nothing to lose by freezing my eggs."

"As you know from previous blogs, I had kind of decided I didn't want children but then falling in love can totally change all that (plus I'm a woman and we are prone to changing our minds in an instant without explanation)."


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Jodie Marsh’s Relationships

Jodie announced in January 2019 that she has broken up with her ex-boyfriend Wayne Lennox.

Her relationship with Wayne had put an end to her three-year celibacy vow, which she had taken after her divorce from second husband James Placido in 2016.

The pair had just been married for eight months when Jodie revealed their breakup in a lengthy Twitter outburst where she claimed he had made 'monetary demands.'

Jodie was also married for two months to Matt Peacock in 2007, after meeting on the reality show Totally Jodie Marsh: Who'll Take Her Up the Aisle?

In 2008, Jodie dated Nina, a female hairdresser, and the two participated in the show Snog, Marry, Avoid? A year after their breakup, she swore to be celibate for five years.

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It was a promise she kept when she dated TOWIE's Kirk Norcross for just two weeks in 2012, supported by the fact that he later claimed she refused to sleep with him in an interview with Reveal magazine.

Jodie was engaged to DJ David Doyle after only 11 days of dating in 2006, but the couple split up a few weeks later.

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