Who is Chester Schmucker? Husband of Mary Schmucker from "Return to Amish"

Who is Chester Schmucker? Husband of Mary Schmucker from "Return to Amish"

Chester Schmucker is mostly known as the husband of Mary Schmuker from TLC’s “Return to Amish.”

“Return to Amish” is a spinoff of the American reality television show, “Breaking Amish.” The show follows the cast members of “Breaking Amish” season 1 and season 2, who lived in Pennsylvania during the production. 

The series surrounds the life of the cast members returning to their hometowns and trying to adjust to the way of living in their Amish communities again.

Chester Schmucker has not revealed too much about himself but his wife, Mary Schmucker, has shared some information on Chester’s wellbeing.

Chester Schmucker is Dealing with Vision Problems

Chester took a long time to open up to the cameras. Initially, he didn’t like the fact that Mary and his sons left the Amish community. However, he was happy when they came back. 

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Recently, Mary revealed some details on her husband’s health issues. According to Mary, Chester has cataracts, a condition that clouds up the lens of the eye. 

He needs to get surgery to correct his vision and help him see better. While it is a simple procedure, it is an expensive one. The surgery will cost the couple around $3000. They don’t have enough money to proceed with the surgery so they are putting it off until they can get the funds.

Chester and Mary Schmucker are Saving Up

Since Chester and his wife don’t have insurance to help pay for the surgery, they are doing everything they can to come up with the money. 

Chester is saving up and working extra hard but making thousands of dollars is going to take him some time. So, Mary has stepped up to help out by putting her craft skills to use.

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Mary will be auctioning off her handmade blankets, and the money she makes will directly go to the fund for Chester’s surgery.

Chester Schmucker Relationship with Mary Schmucker, Their Kids

While Chester and Mary were doing fine in their marriage, things became a bit complicated when Mary decided to leave the Amish community and start living the western way.

Chester lived in the community with his daughter and Mary started living with her son and daughter-in-law.

Chester has two step-kids: Abe and David Schmucker, both from Mary’s previous relationship. Mary also has two daughters named Katie Ann and Ella Schmucker. 

When Mary heard that her daughter was getting married, she gave up her western lifestyle and returned to attend the wedding. However, she faced some difficulty getting welcomed as she had abandoned the community before.

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Fortunately, she was successful in convincing them to be present in the venue. Her son, Abe, met his partner Rebecca on the show and are enjoying their life outside the Amish community. They left the show during the fourth season.

On the other hand, there are several assumptions that Mary left the show because her daughter Katie was pregnant.

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