’90 Day Fiance’ Star Molly Hopkins’ Daughter Olivia Hopkins Arrested On Battery Charges!

’90 Day Fiance’ Star Molly Hopkins’ Daughter Olivia Hopkins Arrested On Battery Charges!

90 Day Fiancé star Molly Hopkins‘ eldest daughter, Olivia Hopkins, has been making headlines due to a dispute between her and Molly. Olivia was arrested after her mother called the law on her at their Woodstock, Georgia, home in October 2020. 

As per Us Weekly, Olivia allegedly “struck” Molly multiple times in the head, leaving a visible red mark, and kicked her in the leg. The incident was reportedly witnessed by a third party. 

On the other hand, Olivia’s side of the story says she hit her mother in self-defense. 

Olivia was released three days after on a $1,500 bond and agreed to no communication or approached her mother with no exceptions. 

Olivia was also told to move out of her mother’s house within 48 hours and faced a judge later in the month. 

Let’s find out what triggered this alleged family violence altercation and also more about Olivia.

Olivia Hopkins Arrested

Olivia Hopkins and her mother, Molly Hopkins, were introduced on season five of 90 Day Fiance. Back then, Molly also brought over her then-fiance Luis Mendez on the K-1 visa from the Dominican Republic. 

Olivia was skeptical of her whirlwind romance with Luis and was disrespectful towards them many times. Molly ended up getting married and then divorced Luis. 

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However, Luis’s departure did not repair Olivia and Molly’s relationship and got worsened. For a short period, they got back together, but Olivia moved into her boyfriend’s house. 

Recently, the mother-daughter relationship has deteriorated, further leading Olivia to get arrested. After her arrest, Olivia went off on a rant about her mom publicly, accusing her of doing drugs. 

Although Olivia is released, her mother has not dropped the charges. Whether Molly pushed forward the criminal case against her daughter or withdraw, we will keep you updated until their next court date.

Who Is Olivia Hopkins?

  • Olivia is a social media influencer born on 14th September 1999 in Hickory Flat, Georgia. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • People are aware of her mother, Molly; however, her biological father has been out of the spotlight. However, on her Instagram account, she said she looks like her father. 
  • Olivia has a half-brother from her dad’s other relationships. She also has a sister named Kensley, who celebrated her 10th birthday in November 2020. 
  • Hopkins had a chromosomal disorder. 
  • She stands 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters), weighs 55 kgs, and measurements read as 36-25-37. Moreover, she has freckles all over her nose and cheeks area and has blue eyes and brown hair. 

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  • Talking about her social media presence, she is active on an Instagram account with 26.3K followers. She also actively participates on Twitter, where she has 1K followers. 
  • Per her career, she is an influencer and also works as an Installer at Playscapes
  • Previously, she worked as a carpenter for Max Foote Construction and was once an R&R Heat and Air apprentice. 
  • She has made an estimated net worth of $200K.
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