Everything To Know About Azah Awasum! Contestant of Big Brother Season 23

Everything To Know About Azah Awasum! Contestant of Big Brother Season 23

Big Brother is back with Season 23 premiering on July 7, 2021. The new cast of sixteen houseguests will move into the new house as they begin with big twists right away. They will immediately compete in a challenge that is set to determine four team captains, who will then proceed to draft their fellow housemates into teams. 

This season of Big Brother has brought contestants of different ages, backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations. Among the new diverse cast members is Azah Awasum who is ready to compete for $500K on the show.

Let’s get to know her through this article.

Who is Azah Awasum?

Azah Awasum, age 30, is a director of sales operations by occupation. She hails from Baltimore, Maryland.

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While there are no details on her family or parents, Azah has revealed that her grandfather was a polygamist who had 6 wives and 47 children. That means Azah has more than 300 cousins!

For education, she attended Messianic Jewish school for her primary school upbringing. 

Azah Awasum in Big Brother, Her Thoughts

Like every other contestant, Azah is coming to the house with competition in mind. When asked about her strategy to win the game, she talked about spotting the power players early on and “annihilate or divide them one by one.”

“Play for MYSELF, not the house. I’m hoping my amiable appearance will cause the guests to let their guards down with me. I want every Houseguest to feel like they have me in their pocket. Finally, I make really good decisions as long as there is no romance involved. NO SHOWMANCES!” - Azah Awasum on her CBS bio

Apparently, Azah is not fond of showmances at all. Instead, she has a soft spot for duos. Her favorite duo in the history of Big Brother is Alison and Jun from BB4 who “dominated the house with loyalty only to each other.” Azah also hopes to find a powerful partner in the house and hopefully be with them in the final two.

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While she has planned her strategy, Azah is also aware of the things that might bring a certain level of difficulty while living in the house, like being without her phone and not having her close ones there with her. “I’m lucky to have most of my family in the area with me,” she said. “I’m going to miss them and my seven best friends.”

Azah also has some favorite moments from Big Brother throughout the season. When asked, she said that “Keisha’s birthday in BB10 is hands down one of my favorites!” For her, there were too many iconic moments like “Libra screaming her accolades to Jerry, Jessy instigating, Dan staying out of trouble, that sad “Happy Birthday” after everyone just finished screaming at each other.” Azah called it classic.

Most noticeably, Azah is looking forward to getting to compete in OTEV, since she claims herself to be a beast at musical chairs. 


  • Azah loves cooking, claiming it to be one of her favorite pastimes. 
  • She loves to travel and has counted down 26 countries on her list.
  • Her life motto is “You haven’t started living until you’ve started living for others.”
  • Her name “Azah” means “able to make friends.”
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