90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?  Ron Gibbs, star Brandon Gibbs' father, was recently in the news following his sickness

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?  Ron Gibbs, star Brandon Gibbs' father, was recently in the news following his sickness

90 Day Fiancé: Julia and Brandon, who made their debut on Season 8 of 90 Day Fiancé, had a basic plot about a Russian city-bred girl forced to live on a farm and clashing with her in-laws. Brandon's father, Ron, has a serious disease requiring him to stay home, but Julia is callous and obstinate.

On the August 15 Tell-All special, star Julia Trubkina had a strange reaction to Brandon Gibbs' father Ron Gibbs admitting his sickness. During a video chat with broadcaster Shaun Robinson, Gibbs confessed.

“I’ve had a few health issues that I’m working with right now,” Ron Gibbs said. “I’m a pretty strong guy, I’m doing some different medications and things like that to get over it. I expect to have a complete, full recovery and that’s just me.”

“And that’s his great attitude, I will say that it’s not over yet,”

Added his wife, Betty Gibbs.

“I mean, we’re not getting any younger and there is gonna come a time when … we don’t know how much longer we’re going to be able to do this just by ourselves, and Ron’s in the process of retiring,” she continued. “He’s had a few health issues, this might take its toll on him for a while until he’s finished with his treatments.”

Brandon Gibbs, who married Russian native Julia Trubkina, said his father’s health was “difficult” to discuss. So he and Trubkina moved away from his parents’ property, Hummingbird Acres Farm in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, in season six of “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?”

“But yeah, there are some health issues there that I don’t want to go into,” Brandon said at the tell-all. “He didn’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to go into it.”

Robinson offered her condolences to the Gibbs family, which prompted a response from Trubkina. “Like, but, this is life. Is never have life without trouble,” she said.

Brandon and Julia are wanted back at the farm by the Gibbs.


Nothing is more important to the elder Gibbs than their family.

“I think that family is the most important thing in the whole wide world,” Ron Gibbs said during the tell-all. “Some families fight with each other from time to time, but when the reality checks [in], they’re still a family and they still love each other and they pull together. That’s what family’s all about.”

While Betty and Ron Gibbs offered to help their son with a down payment on a house on the same block as their property, Trubkina wasn’t interested in returning to Dinwiddie County.

“No, I mean like this is not [going to] happen. I don’t want [to talk] about [it]. I don’t want [to] give attention to this because it’s not [going to] happen,” she said, as noted by In Touch. “I don’t want we come back same life that we live before.”

The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Pair settled in Richmond, despite Julia's aspirations to relocate to Las Vegas. However, Julia, expecting a kid shortly, was forced to leave her son, Simba (pet dog), at the farm due to the house's size. On weekends, Julia was forced to return to the farm against her will to meet the dog, Simba.

Trubkina stated that she wanted to return to the farm to see her dog, Simba. They attempted to move the dog to their new apartment, approximately 40 minutes from the farm, but Trubkina claimed he kept waking her up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night.

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But Brandon’s dad Ron having health issues, is making him and Betty ask the TLC couple to move in 15 minutes away from them. Ron and Betty called staying alone at the farm “challenging” since there’s no one to help, but they’re ready to help Brandon and Julia with the down payment for this house. Julia said she’d never take money from them, and Ron confessed he was getting treatment for an illness, and he would need Brandon’s assistance.

Her husband, however, hinted that he missed the farm.

“It’s been tough. It’s been tough,” Brandon Gibbs told Robinson at the tell-all. “I’m just not one for the city.”

Who Is Brandon Gibbs?


Brandon Gibbs, 27, celebrates his birthday every year on the 10th of September. His hometown is Dinwiddie, Virginia. He stands tall at the height of 5 feet 9 inches(1.75 meters). He went on to join in army. After serving in the military for a while, he returned to his family to help them out with their farm. 

Brandon, along with his dad and his mom, tended the livestock they kept on their farm. So when TLC approached with a proposal to star on their show 90 Day Fiance, he was still working living on his parent's farm.

We can find Brandon Gibbs on Instagram as @brandongibbs92 with 114k followers and his bio as "My ❤ @juliatrubkina1993 "