What Happened To Victor And Ellie After The Devastating Hurricane On 90 Day Fiancé?

What Happened To Victor And Ellie After The Devastating Hurricane On 90 Day Fiancé?

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way audiences are looking forward to two new couples with new drama to keep them entertained.

With that in mind, viewers are interested to learn more about Ellie Rose, a 45-year-old Seattle restaurant owner who fell in love with Victor, a 38-year-old Colombian native.

What is Going On Between Ellie and Victor?

Victor, Ellie Rose's boyfriend, was introduced to her in a unique way. When Ellie went on a solo vacation to Columbia, she decided to try something different and went to Providencia.

It was never her intention to attend, but she said that something drew her there. She spotted a man riding his motorcycle up to the pub as she met up with a friend there.

When he smiled at her, she immediately recognized his attractiveness and sensed a connection. She referred to him as a "dreamboat," and she was immediately drawn to him. He made her a pina colada and they ended up chatting for quite a while he “literally changed my life.”

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They met in South America in 2019 while she was traveling and have been in a long-distance romance ever since.

Victor and Ellie haven't spent much time together, yet they are deeply in love, according to Ellie. After a flash-forward sequence that showed Providencia in the path of the deadly Hurricane Iota, the couple's narrative took a bizarre turn.


Ellie was looking forward to relocating to the island, knowing that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Victor.

Victor initially said that he would travel to the United States to marry her, but as things went wrong with his K-1 visa application due to COVID-19, she chose to marry him and apply for a spousal visa. This would make it easy for them to spend time together.

Ellie was finally set to travel to Providencia when a cyclone struck the island, and she lost contact with Victor the night before the storm.

After days of quiet, Ellie fell into a dark place psychologically, and her thoughts of not trusting him resurfaced.

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The show has shown They're also suffering from money problems, so things are just getting worse for them. But she is in love enough to uproot her American life as a company owner and fly to the island, heartbroken and desperate to find him. 

She relocates to Providencia, a small Colombian island, to assist Victor in rebuilding his life after Category 5 Hurricane Iota wreaked havoc on the island.

GoFundMe Campaign 


Ellie began a GoFundMe Campaign the day after the hurricane hit Providencia with the aim of gathering money to aid the thousands of locals whose homes and lives were destroyed by the storm.

The campaign's description discloses something about Ellie's return to the island's chronology, which corresponds to her bio.

On November 17, 2020, Hurricane Iota made landfall at Providencia. Ellie launches a GoFundMe campaign the next day, revealing that she would depart for Colombia on November 19, 2020 – two days after the hurricane.

Entire Campaign Description:

Providencia island, a Caribbean island that is part of the Colombian Archipelago of San Andrés, was hit by category 5 hurricane Iota and completely decimated on Tuesday, November 17th. My love, Victor, his family, and 5,000 other amazing people call this island home. For two excruciatingly long days I did not know if they were dead or alive. Today we learned that while almost all of the infrastructure is destroyed, everyone survived!! My prayers are with the 2 (reported) who lost their lives.

I know that during this covid-time it may be financially (emotionally/mentally) challenging. And, on top of covid, these people/my people just lost everything. I planned to be with Victor by now to build our future together on Providencia. I am leaving for Columbia tomorrow (Thursday, Nov 19th) to help Victors’ sister (who lives on the mainland) bring the family to us.

I will update you when I can and I promise that every cent that is donated will go to rebuilding peoples homes and livelihoods. Providencia is a laid-back island circled by pristine reef and in the center are lush green mountains. It ‘s considered ‘the undiscovered jewel in the Caribbean’. My hope is that one day you will come visit!

At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $6,330 of the $10,000 target.

More On Victor and Ellie's Relationship: When Victor Cheated

The good news is that Victor McLean and Ellie Rose's story could continue after Hurricane Iota, and Rose would eventually find a surviving McLean in Providencia. Of course, the couple has faced many more difficulties in their relationship than natural disasters, and whether they will live "happily ever after" remains an open question.

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Victor McLean had previously been shown to have been unfaithful to Ellie Rose and had a relationship with another woman throughout their time together. The adultery was seen as a huge red flag by Rose's friends back home, but the pizza shop owner was prepared to forgive, and she was still intending to sell her business and move to Providencia.

Ellie Rose's most recent photo on the pizzeria's Facebook page was taken just before she left for Colombia, making it look as though any visual evidence of what happened next to her was deliberately removed.

There were reports about photographs of Rose in the United States with a guy who looked like McLean in the case of Victor McLean, but these were also erased. At this time, we don't know much, but it looks that she returned to the United States from Providencia at the very least.

Ellie's Online Presence


Ellie is the owner of Central Pizza in Seattle, which can be found on Instagram at @centralpizzaseattle. Ellie is included in a few photographs on the page, and those photos have received adoring comments from fans.

Ellie's personal Instagram account, @ellroze, includes only five photos, none of which are of her. She doesn't have a bio, either, but she is followed by Victor and has photographs of her restaurant's pizza.