BTS switches to a better stage for the free concert in Busan

BTS switches to a better stage for the free concert in Busan

The free K-pop megaband BTS performance in Busan has been relocated from a temporary coastal stage in northeastern Busan's Gijang county to the Busan Asiad Main Stadium.

Due to safety concerns, the location of "BTS: Yet to Come in Busan" on October 15 has been shifted to a suitable stadium, according to HYBE's announcement on Friday.

In a statement, HYBE stated that the concert's location has been relocated from the previously mentioned Ilgwang Special Stage to the Asiad Main Stadium.

“The decision was made to create a pleasant and safe environment for audience members while not forgetting the main purpose of this event, which is to support the city’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo.”  

The location has 53,789 seats and 72 exits, which is plenty for the 100,000 attendees the performance is predicted to draw, according to HYBE.

It noted that if that many people attend, it will be the biggest BTS concert ever held in Korea.

The city of Busan has promised to take all necessary precautions to ensure that there are no issues with accommodations, transportation, or safety as a result of the change of location.

The event will also be broadcast live online and on sizable screens in the parking lots at the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal.

The show starts at 6 p.m. as scheduled.

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