BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

You can hear the sound of the ocean as Jungkook searches for a spot to sit and admire the scenery of the desert as soon as the MV starts. But, if he's in the desert, why do we hear the ocean?

The lyrics were found in BTS's song "Sea," and the desert we feared was transformed into the sea by our blood, sweat, and tears.

Everything in the ocean, the desert, and the world have its own name. The blue ocean is essentially a golden desert. It serves as a reminder that where there is hope, there is also struggle. There would be no success without adversity. Instead of seeing the desert, Jungkook sees the ocean, which symbolizes hope, in a scene from their prologue.

Jungkook notices seven of the boys seated on school chairs in the present moment. They're sitting in the same sequence as in their music video Just One Day.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

A truck drives over the desert, similar to how they drove across the beach in the prologue. This truck is connected to the BTS universe storyline, in which Jin is the owner. Jin is seen wearing a studded jacket and gazing at a statue with wings. This jacket and statue are similar to those shown in their song video "Blood, Sweat, and Tears."

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

The god Abraxas was depicted by a statue covered in blood, sweat, and tears. Abraxas begins the truth and the lie, good and evil, light and darkness, with the same word and act.

There are several references to things that require each other, such as the ocean and the desert, as well as hope and trial. We observe him posing in a similar manner to the fake love ending position. They sing the lyrics, "I grew a flower that can't bloom in a fantasy that can't come true," at the ending pose and fake love. But then we see Yoongi playing the piano in the middle of the desert, surrounded by flowers. This scenario reminds me of their Stay Gold music video in Japan.

There are scenes in Stay Gold that depict an apocalyptic city, and we also see Jimin inside a bus while the outside is orange. They later followed the gold light, which brought them to a lovely flower field, and the gold light signified the the army.

Suga's attire looked like it came from "War of Hormones" because the members' clothes were based on previous music videos. He adds in the passage that uncomfortable title we were given one day.  We're still embarrassed to be referred to as the best. This statement reminded me of his lyrics from the sea, where he stated that our second names were idols from a little agency with no connections.

It shows how far they've come in their profession, from being told they wouldn't be successful to being referred to as the best. Suga goes on to claim that he simply enjoys music and that not much has changed since then.

We now know that the piano is associated with Suga's fictional storyline, but it is also associated with Suga personally. If you read the lyrics of his song "First Love," you'll see that he has an unending love and enthusiasm for both music and the piano.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

RM also claims that while there have been many changes, he remains the same. This, to me, mirrored his lyrics in Fake Love, where he said, "I changed everything just for you, yet I don't know who you are." Throughout their career, BTS has been upfront about their issues with personas and figuring out who they are.

During the proof of inspiration video by RM, he stated that he adopted the intro persona for the compilation CD. Who am I is the first question in the intro persona, and RM has been thinking about it a lot. He has a lot of various identities, and he has a lot of different me's. But he discovered that all of the personas he'd been switching between were actually him. He knows who he is now and that he is still the same at this point in his career. However, while inside a container, RM is dressed in a jean-on-jean ensemble similar to that seen in Fake Love.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

They recreated the container from the music video Run, which is currently being used in the storyline. Due to poverty, RM's character lives in a container and works at a gas station. Keep an eye out for the buried petrol pumps behind him.

V is pictured holding a flower and a vase next to a desk at school.  His school uniform could be linked to their Boy in love, which included a rose that they gave to a girl. In his Singularity music video, he was also surrounded by flowers.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

There were so many references to their Spring Day music video.

Starting with Jungkook, who is pictured in front of the You Never Walk Alone carousel, his jacket is very similar.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

J-hope is wearing the same green sweater as before and is seen in front of the same train, but this time it is broken down and aged. His clothing was likewise similar to the one he wore in the highlight reel.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

Jimin is dressed in a light blue blazer and a striped black and white shirt. Rather than picking up shoes from the sea, he chooses shoes from the desert.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

Jimin also performs the same action as on a spring day Jimin also does the reaching for the sky move, which he did in his short film "Lie."

V is seen with his fingers constructing a frame, identical to what he and Jin did on the Spring day.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

The music video concluded with a replay of the train sequence, but this time inside a school bus. But why are there so many references to Spring Day?

The lyrics to "Spring Day" are about longing and loss. They sing, and winter will soon be over. I miss you, and I'll be there to see you. From the end of winter to the first day of spring, it's frigid. The references to spring days in the music video, in my opinion, show that winter is ended and they are no longer stuck in the snow.

As they sing, they're moving forward and looking to the future. The past was, without a doubt, the finest, but my best is yet to come. We're merely moving forward with the promise of returning for more. They're in a bus heading across the desert on their route to the army, similar to the scenario in Sowoozoo.

They went from taking a train on a beautiful spring day to boarding a bus for their next adventure. This school bus was revealed through a reenactment involving blood, sweat, and tears.

Instead of displaying Abraxas,' statue, the bus that portrays their first music video, No More Dream, is revealed. When asked what his dream is in No More Dreams, Suga responds he wants a big house, a big car, and huge rings, but does not have a big dream.

So they chant the lyrics of Do you Have a Dream What's at the End of the Path as the scene unfolds. The members now have a goal in mind, and their journey has come full circle.

They can see where they came from, and this anthology record is a reflection of their previous work. They started their first music video by exiting this school bus, and now they're getting back on it. However, they were rushing to catch this bus. It reminds me of their music video "Forever Young."

It's all about maintaining a youthful mindset and continuing to dream as you progress through life. This ties in nicely with the scenario where they're sprinting back to the school bus. During their new song for youth, BTs also incorporated a fragment of the army and BTS singing forever young together.

What does it mean to re-board this bus?

RM in the next chapter mentioned there were a lot of changes, but I'm still the same. The boys haven't forgotten where they came from, and they're still the same boys.

This time, however, they're eager to start a new chapter.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

The first chapter has come to an end, but the best is yett to come. 

Now I'm about to delve into some deep V and Jin notions.

Despite the fact that this music video has extensive references to old music videos, notice how it was created.

Jin has already saved all of the boys at this point in the BTS universe storyline, but it appears that the mysterious cat has struck another agreement with Jungkook.

V, on the other hand, has always been suspicious of Jin, despite the fact that Jin has been traveling through time and creating different timelines. V first believed he was having nightmares about the boy's deaths and tragedies, but he soon realizes that they were not dreams, but rather occurrences from past timelines.

In Yet To Come, Jin was replaced as the character who covered V's eyes in Blood, Sweat. Despite the fact that they did this in the spring, observe how the camera is closer to Jin's.

BTS ‘Yet To Come’ Stroll Down Emotional Memory Lane | New Single Makes History

At first, I didn't notice the connection between V's school desk, clothing and this scene, but if Jin and V are trading roles, this scene reminds me of Jin's highlight reel smeraldo flower accident.

These sequences remind me of Jin's part in the Euphoria music video, in which he virtually reenacts V's action when he stands at the top, with a smile that resembles the one to come.

Now, if the protagonist made a deal with the cat, it appeared that he would now be Jungkook, but why is V trading roles with Jin?

We know v is aware of Jin's difficulties and was the first to offer help. Could this indicate he knows firsthand what Jin has gone through and feels as if he has walked in Jin's shoes?

That's the sense I got from this, but now that we've finished the first chapter of the BTS universe storyline, we'll see what happens next.

Let me go over some of the other allusions that were made quickly. We see a scene of Jungkook sprinting up a hill, which is a reference to the ON music video. I need you and euphoria are identical to Jungkook balancing on the bus. They're all dressed in white and visible in the back of the vehicle, similar to the euphoria music video. Their prologue is also reflected in the truck scene.

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