Meet Chanty! Filipino-Argentinian actress is set to debut in the Girl Group 'Lapillus'

Meet Chanty! Filipino-Argentinian actress is set to debut in the Girl Group 'Lapillus'

Chanty, real name Chantel Videla, is the newest member of the upcoming K-pop girl group, Lapillus. Although the Filipina-Argentinian actress has worked in the film industry before, her debut as a K-pop star is a new experience for her.

Every day, it appears that new people are joining K-Wave and becoming a part of it. A number of notable K-pop events have already occurred in 2022, ranging from comebacks to performances.

MLD Entertainment just announced the formation of Lapillus, their newest female group, and has already revealed the six-member lineup. Coming from different backgrounds, the new group includes Bessie, Yue, Seowon, Haeun, Shana, and Chanty.

Everything about Chanty aka Chantel Videla

While most of the members of the prospective girl group are unknown, Chanty is a well-known actress and model. The rookie K-pop idol was born in the Philippines in December 2002 to her Argentinian father and Filipino mother. 

Chanty was born in Manila and spent the majority of her youth in Mendoza, Argentina, before returning to the Philippines with her family to pursue a modeling and acting career. 

With her appealing images that have already captured the hearts of many netizens, the young artist appears to be a perfect fit for the entertainment industry. Star Magic, one of the most well-known labels in the Philippines, spotted her. 

Chanty first stepped into the industry as a Star Magic talent in March 2018 and went on to star in a number of dramas, including Spirits Reawaken, till 2020.

Chanty was believed to have signed with MLD Entertainment as a new trainee in 2021. Chanty acquired thousands of followers the moment the news was released, eagerly anticipating her much-anticipated debut as a K-pop star.

A rendition of Part Of Your World from the Disney film The Little Mermaid was one of her videos that drew the attention of the internet. Listeners are mesmerized by Chanty's lovely voice.

Chanty also recently presented her personality on YouTube alongside Nonaka Shana, a Japanese group member.

Chanty stated in one of their videos that she can speak not one, but four languages: Tagalog, Spanish, Korean, and English.

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Chanty has wowed followers with her stylish outfits and young appeal on her official Instagram account.

Furthermore, the upcoming K-pop sensation constantly professes her admiration for Korean culture. She is a big lover of K-pop, raving about groups like BTS, Twice, and others.

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