HGTV Star Carmeon Hamilton's Husband, Marcus, Has Passed Away At Age 37

HGTV Star Carmeon Hamilton's Husband, Marcus, Has Passed Away At Age 37

HGTV star Carmeon Hamilton’s husband, Marcus, has passed away at the age of 37.

Carmeon Hamilton shared the sad news on social media, revealing that Marcus had died in a motorcycle accident on Saturday. 

The reality star posted a picture of Marcus on her Instagram on Sunday and wrote a lengthy caption where she described her loss.

“To my extended Internet family,” she started. “It is with deep sorrow and an eternally broken heart that I tell you that the love of my life, Marcus Hamilton, has passed away. I was alerted by MPD late last night that Marcus succumbed to his injuries from a motorcycle accident yesterday afternoon.”

Carmeon continued, “I’m no stranger to loss, but this loss brings something beyond pain. Something I can’t describe. I’m now missing a major part of myself and that void seems to grow more and more every second.”

She then went on to explain how lost she was for what is to come next for her and their son, Davin. 

“I can’t bring myself to figure out Davin’s and my next step, because there shouldn’t be a need for one,” she explained. “But in the midst of this immense pain came a wave of support from the community of people that we’ve worked so hard to build. They are the only reason I have the strength and ability to put these words in writing.”

“Thank you all for being one of the best parts of our love story and loudly encouraging us to be passionately flawed humans we were, living a life well lived. I only ask for grace and privacy as my family and I navigate this extraordinary loss. I love you peeps.”

Carmeon received a wave of support in the comments, from her fans to her HGTV family.

“My heart breaks for you and your family!” Maria Antoinette Loggins wrote. “I’m so so sorry and I am praying for a covering that only God can provide.”

“Carmeon, there are no words for what you must be going through,” Breegan Jane commented. “I am incredibly sorry for your loss. While I didn’t know him, it was clear that he was a bright light. I’m sending you so much love. Please know we are all thinking of you.”

Carmeon Hamilton's Relationship with her Husband

Carmeon and Marcus had been together for about 15 years. They were married for nearly 10 years and had plans to renew their vows. 

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Back in May, Carmeon shared a picture of the two on her Instagram and wrote, “Meeting this man is the absolute best thing that’s ever happened to me! We’re coming up on our 15th year together and 10th year of marriage and I can’t wait to marry him all over again in a couple months!!! I hope you guys are ready for this planning journey!!! It’s going to be epic!!!!”

Carmeon always shared her lovely moments with Marcus on Instagram, whether it was just them spending time together or supporting each other’s excitement over small things. 

In July 2021, Carmeon shared a cute moment of her and Marcus over a text he had sent her to bring her “leopard” heels. 

Her caption read, “When your husband texts you all excited about something he found...GO WITH IT! (Swipe for the text) I had no idea what @m4nyfacedgod was excited about, but immediately called and asked him to grab my leopard heels on his way out the door, since I was coming straight from set!”

She continued, “I got out the car and saw this blazer and new it was going to be a great night!!!”

Carmeon shares a son with her late husband. Their son, Davin, is a 7th grader

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