The return of Dreamcatcher is confirmed for October

The return of Dreamcatcher is confirmed for October

New music from Dreamcatcher will be released soon!

According to a source at Dreamcatcher Company, "Dreamcatcher is now preparing with the intention of making a reappearance in October," on September 1st.

Dreamcatcher's return will be their first in about six months since their second full-length album, "Apocalypse: Save us," and its lead single, "MAISON," were released in April. The second installment of Dreamcatcher's three-part apocalypse series, which relates to "MAISON," will be released soon.

Are you anticipating the return of Dreamcatcher?

Dreamcatcher’s Not So Hidden Meaning Of MAISON

The sixteenth piece in our "K-Pop Words Explained" series, where we examine the lyrics to some of your favorite songs, is now available. We have all the bases covered when it comes to current releases, classics, OSTs, and foreign songs. Please leave a comment below if you'd like to suggest a song for this series.

This week, we're delving deeply into DREAMCATCHER's most recent title track, "Maison," from their second full-length album "Apocalypse: Save us," which is relevant now more than ever. It should go without saying that "Maison," which is French for "home," is a good warning about the near-term apocalypse that awaits us if we continue to destroy the Earth with complacent overconsumption.

Through the tale of celestial saviors who take it upon themselves to restore the Earth after it is abandoned by the very people who call it home, the lyrics immediately link to and resonate with a global emotion of crisis provoked by the unfathomable risks of climate change. Gaia assumes the shape of the Grim Reaper as a symbol of the wasteland of the earth, and chaos rules under the guise of Satan. It is now up to the DREAMCATCHER supergirls to bring paradise back.

"I can't breathe / Tomorrow's disappearing far away / Oh, stay / Make the ground shake / In this crumbling place / With a clear dead sign / And someone who is used to it"

The first line begins with a sense of gloom and helplessness as the world's future becomes darker and darker. Being unable to breathe is a direct result of the severe air pollution, and it also serves as a metaphor for Mother Earth's inability to support herself. DREAMCATCHER makes an effort to jolt indifferent bystanders out of their complacency ("Break your habit immediately") and spur them to action before it's too late.

"Save my home in the jungle / Save my home in the polar / Protect my maison / Please someone fight for us / Save my home in the ocean / Save my home in the desert / Protect my maison / Please someone fight for us"

DREAMCATCHER advocates for life in all forms that need protection, turning the spotlight away from human egocentrism. It speaks for those who suffer in silence from the harm caused by human indifference. The disturbed need to be comforted in dire circumstances like these, and the comfortable, disturbed. This is exactly what DaMi's poem means when she says, 

"You won’t see the future, no matter how long you wait / Know it’s already too late to regret it / You want the easy way, you’ll get hurt".

"Isn’t it strangely hot? / The laws of this planet, so dry / Just like your conscience"

There is little hope to cling to because humanity as a whole prefers ignorance over consciousness. Just the tip of the iceberg is melting due to global warming. However, DREAMCATCHER keeps showing the Earth in its previous splendor in an effort to inspire change ("Turn back to the moment when every season is vivid"). Because if you turn your head, everything will vanish ("Pretending not to know, you disappear too"). We are ultimately responsible for defending the world, our home.

To put it mildly, "Maison" is a masterpiece due to the song's profound social significance as well as its exceptional composition, vocals, and rap. How did you find the music? Comment below with Kpopmap and let us know what you think!

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