Bella Poarch acknowledges having a crush for Filipino actor Joshua Garcia

Bella Poarch acknowledges having a crush for Filipino actor Joshua Garcia

Singer and internet phenomenon Bella Poarch acknowledged having a "crush" on Kapamilya star Joshua Garcia. With more than 91 million followers and 2.2 billion likes, Bella is one of the more well-known artists on YouTube.

Bella expressed her intention to appear in the Kapamilya Network's Sunday noontime program, "ASAP Natin 'To," during a virtual interview with MJ Felipe for "Star Patrol" on that network.

“I literally grew up watching ASAP. Oh my God! That would be a dream come true.” Bella shared.

Later in the interview, Bella admitted that Joshua is her crush. Bella claims that her favorite Filipino actor is Joshua.

“My favorite Filipino actor right now is, Joshua, you know who… crush ko yun e… Crush ko yun e, si Joshua.” Bella laughingly said.

“Okay, talk to Joshua, you messaged to Joshua.” MJ told Bella.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I mean we messaged a lot. He already knows what I’m gonna say.” Bella said.

Following Bella Poarch's confession that she has a crush on Kapamilya actor Joshua Garcia on TikTok, fans of the singer and TikTok sensation have been raving about him for days.

Garcia was interviewed by ABS-CBN News to find out his thoughts on Poarch's major crush confession. Garcia claimed that Poarch's posting of his video beside hers in a TikTok post led to their first encounter.

"She posted me before on her Tiokk account, and I commented there because I was surprised that she appreciated what I was doing. I think it just makes my heart grow fonder because of course I'm happy that someone admires me."

Throughout the entire discussion, Garcia was blushing and appeared astonished by Poarch's unrestrained and uncensored admission. 

When asked if he has a crush on Poarch too, Garcia replied:

"Like I said MJ, why not? Because people admire him. Beautiful, good singing. It's just a crush, we all have crushes."

In response, he openly acknowledged that he and Poarch had been corresponding for some time and that they have been arranging to meet since June. Garcia was scheduled to travel to Los Angeles for a performance, but plans fell through.

"Before June, we will meet. But my Star Magic Tour didn't go through, then he was going to go in July, but he didn't go through. Yeah, we don't know. We're good friends, we're friends now." 

"It's not just 'hi, hello' [our conversation] because it's boring if it's just 'hi, hello'. There was a little question and I looked for my English but it turns out that he also speaks Tagalog," he added.

When Poarch said that she will be traveling to the Philippines in December, the Kapamilya star was taken aback and wished she could appear at "ASAP Natin To."

Garcia only has a few words for his new friend after hearing all the rumors about him and Poarch: "Magpakita ka na sa 'kin!"

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