Typhoid Was Reported As The Cause Of Death For TikTok star Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio

Typhoid Was Reported As The Cause Of Death For TikTok star Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio

The death of Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio shocked the TikTok community. The Tiktoker had been missing from Instagram for a few weeks, and his fans were concerned.

His death was unexpected, and there was no information about how he died at first. However, a source close to the TikToker has claimed that his death was caused by a health issue.

Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio Reportedly Died of Typhoid

Typhoid Was Reported As The Cause Of Death For TikTok star Jules 'The Dub King' Eusebio

On May 15, 2022, Eusebio was first reported deceased. Many followers expressed their sympathies on his social media accounts, particularly on Instagram and TikTok.

Jules Eusebio, aka The Dub King, died of Typhoid at the age of 43. GMA Network reported on a close friend's claims concerning Eusebio's death on May 16, 2022.

The famed TikToker died of Typhoid, according to the publication's claim. "Severe typhoid illness led his body to give up," he said.

In addition, some accounts claim Eusebio suffered from depression. However, it is unknown whether this had anything to do with his death.

TerTer, a fellow TikTok developer and close friend of Eusebio, was interviewed by Pep, a Filipino publication. According to TerTer, the now-deceased designer told those close to him about his final wish.

Eusebio had expressed a desire to be cremated following his death, and his wish was granted. Pep said that his ashes were cremated and interred at the Veronica Memorial Chapel in Pasay City, Philippines.

An Outpouring of Sympathy For The Dub King

Following the news of Eusebio's passing, sentiments of condolence inundated his latest TikTok and Instagram posts. His death has been mourned by both fans and other creators.

In his most recent TikTok post, from May 6, the majority of the comments read "R.I.P." Some were a little more animated.

"Heaven has gained another angel... Rest in Paradise," creator Alam Nyo Ba To wrote. Dave Villanueva commented, "Rest in Paradise Sir Jules."

Nap Lorica shared his sadness over the death of one of his TikTok idols, and thanked Eusebio for making everyone happy with his work.


Reply to @mikee_torres Reply to @mikee_torres ♬ One More Try Parody - THE DUB KING

Eusebio (full name - Jules Reyes Eusebio) died when he was 43 years old. He was born on July 20, 1978, and would have celebrated his 44th birthday barely a month later. With over 842.7 thousand followers and 17.9 million likes on his videos, he was a huge hit on TikTok.

His content concentrated upon lip-syncing dialogues and scenes from other shows, as his moniker suggests. He was hilarious and had perfect facial expressions.

The late inventor began his online content making career on Dubsmash before transferring his skills to TikTok. In December 2021, he began making appearances on prominent television series such as Eat Bulaga's Bawal Judgemental.

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